The Decline and Fall of the Sri Lankan Blogosphere


I refuse to call it the Lankanosphere, not only the word itself sounds stupid, but there’s this rather doltish blogger called Rhythmic Diaspora who annually writes a series of articles called “Lankanosphere Awards” which is solely an exercise in ass-licking. However this senescent blogger is reminiscent of a time when was truly well and alive. Once I mocked him for imagining that we found the accounts of his miserable, post-divorce life in London to be interesting. But now, even the titles of his articles seem interesting. Maybe the rest of them that I stubbornly refuse to read are interesting as well.

So what’s happened to the SL Blogosphere? I’ll tell you what. We now have people writing about 30 day challeges like 30 day movie challege, 30 day poetry challege et cetera that I collectively call 30 day padashow challenges, that nobody wants to read. “A poem that describes me?” Who cares?

There’s this other blog, the name of which I don’t remember (it starts with Eargazzsms though), that I find as interesting as my own farts. I like music, but I don’t want to get Eargazzms. The blogger seems to be visiting a number of music websites just in order to copy and paste stuff from them to his farting blog.

There are those other blogs like “Sri Lankan Stars” that publish all sorts of information about little known starlets and completely unknown harlots. Again, who cares?

There are also those news blogs. It’s okay to have news websites that are only about news; just plain news. But if it is a news BLOG, the news needs to be filtered through commentary. It should be about ideas and opinions, not just about raw facts. Owners of those news blogs don’t seem to understand the importantance of editorializing, which is regrettable because blogs need to be all about editorializing.

I like blogs that deal with politics, law, religion, war and things like that. There are many blogs even now that do exactly that. But what they lack is passion. They lack a person behind those words and sentences who truly believes the nonsensical platitudes he’s writing. Electra was certainly one of those who wrote with great passion and conviction. Heck, I even miss that dumb fuck sittingnut. Most of all, I miss the fights between bloggers, and the unsuccessful womanizers who sent flowers to women they had never seen. Let’s be honest. How many people read our blogs? 400? 500?

I want bloggers to write about things that matter: things like politics and religion instead of their sad little lives, but always with great passion and conviction. It’s alright to occassionally write about their sad little lives so others can laugh at them, but not always because that just makes it sad. I want opinions, ideas, commentary, and not raw facts. I want reviews, not just the details about prices and the number of pages in books. I want criticisms because writing that a particular poem makes one feel miserable is just not enough. I want bloggers to attack dishonest, self-important intellectualoids like Dayan Jayatillake and pompous idiots like David Buggery (“my area is war, not law” / “hey Dayan, did you read my piece on guerilla intellectuals?”), and in doing so be completely unrestrained. I want bloggers to debate with each other, make enemies, and insult each other whenever they get the opportunity. Yeah, that’s what it takes to make SL Blogosphere live and kicking, again.

I think the decline began when Indi took the stat counter off kottu. Its manipulability itself was the cause for many fierce debates. It was a great incentive to bloggers. Everyone wanted their posts to be the in the top read list. With the stat counter gone, some lost interest and left kottu. I want it back.

The fall of course happened when taboo got hacked… Oh shit. It’s over.


14 Responses to “The Decline and Fall of the Sri Lankan Blogosphere”

  1. fuckinham Says:

    Who cares what YOU want…you dumb fuck.

  2. The Watcher Says:

    haha you are a pathetic slob who sits around a computer taking pot shots at people behind an alias coz in reality you are as fit as grasshopper with a machine gun.

    Nevertheless I like your writing, sadly it seems you have put them to bad use so you could a few hits on your pathetic little blog,
    There used to be another coward like (must be the same coward) who loved exposing people’s real identities and attacking them when they are at their most vulnerable.

    So you got a comment from a random blog reader, whooopy! Go tell your mom that somebody actually took notice of you.

    Happy blogging, keep up the good work đŸ™‚

    • lefroy Says:

      Please don’t be an idiot. Nibras Bawa exposed the real identities of people who wanted to remain anonymous. I could do that, but where have I done it?

  3. javajones Says:

    I agree that the content and resulting interaction that followed between bloggers some time back made for far more interesting times in the local blogosphere. Wonder what happened?

  4. Padashow Says:

    Oh shut up javajones. Your blog suck. It always sucked.

  5. javajones Says:

    Hey Padaya – so you got back to your ‘Mr Hyde’ persona huh? Can’t hide the obesity though, and looks like it has got to that puny thing you call a brain. So keep up the puerile crap, it is mildly entertaining among the boredom of the blogosphere you referred to…

  6. Jack Point Says:

    The decline was due to Nibras Bawa and another person who exposed people’s identities and to some extent people like Padashow.

    Then there were the stalkers and the sense that Big Brother was watching plus the arrival of many extremists/nuts who made the place uncomfortable.

    Debate was lively until 2008 and at its best in maybe 2004-5.

  7. Patta Says:

    It is that the sinhala blogs have far better content than the english ones as current topics are better discussed there.

  8. […] thinks that Sri Lankan blogosphere is on the decline and the blogger wishes bloggers would write “about […]

  9. […] thinks that Sri Lankan blogosphere is on the decline and the blogger wishes bloggers would write “about […]

  10. Hora thambu Says:

    you are budhdhika thabugala ,you cripple

  11. Kujo Says:

    lefroy are you ethnically Sinhalese or Tamil?

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