Nalin de Silva displays his stupidity once again


As I wrote in my previous article, for Nalin de Silva, stupidity is a way of life. That is the only way one can explain his repeated displays of blatant stupidity. In his latest article “Get ready for a humanitarian attack,” published in, he has yet again shown his incomparable stupidity, his hunger to bathe in his own stupidity. It is worth noting that this man teaches higher mathematics in a reputable state university in Sri Lanka. One can only wonder to what extent he must have brain-washed his mathematics students, many of whom know next to nothing about philosophy or political science.

He talks about something called Western Christian Modernity (WCM). For him, it is in the last phase of its hegemony, and is acting like an insane person. Since it is only Nalin de Silva who is acting like an insane person, I would say WCM is acting like a cornered wolf, ready to use lethal force to save itself. He writes “It has no respect for the sovereignty of the other countries as has been exemplified from invasions, killings and supporting so called rebel groups in the countries in Asia and Africa. The USA that became the leader of WCM after the so called Second World War is trying desperately to hold to the hegemony of WCM. After more than five hundred years of world domination WCM will have to leave the planet without making the people suffer more and more.”

This Western Christian Modernity (WCM) is really a bullshit term for Western civilisation. WCM is not just about a movement in Western philosophy. It not just about capitalism or the social relations associated with its rise. It simply means Western civilisation. He talks about generalised theories and Meta narratives, which he thinks are the essence of WCM. But you don’t have to worry about those. If you read Nalin de Silva, it is pretty clear that WCM and Western civilisation is pretty much the same thing. It is interesting that Nalin de Silva has virtually never written a word about Western civilisation, and instead writes excessively about a Western Christian Modernity and a Judeo-Christian-Chinthanaya. This is simply to mislead the idiots who read him and believes every goddamn thing he says. If he said Western civilisation is going to collapse within few decades, or even centuries, no one among those American-porn-loving university students would give a damn to what he says and what he doesn’t say. Instead he uses a fancy term, “Western Christian Modernity.” Isn’t this intellectual dishonesty?

He writes, “The so called postmodernism is nothing but an admission of the fact that modernism has failed with its abstract so called objective generalizations. When the postmodernists state that there is no room for Meta narratives they simply state that it is not possible to generalize.” Doesn’t he know that postmodernism is not an admission of anything but an admission of stupidity of those who call themselves postmodernists? Doesn’t he know that Lacan wrote that the penis is equivalent to square root of -1? If Nalin de Silva seriously uses postmodernism to claim that his Western Christian Modernity is in its last phase, he is most certainly going bonkers and should go and see a doctor to check whether his erectile organ is not equivalent to the square root of -1.

Nalin’s tribalitic worldview cannot comprehend why there exists intellectuals like Noam Chomsky in Western countries. He just doesn’t get it. So he writes “The west also maintains people such as Chomsky who is not known to the average American in order to show to the world that there is freedom for the intellectuals to champion their views heard more by the rest of the world than by the Americans themselves.” Very nice way to talk about the world’s most important intellectual alive Nalin. It is no wonder why a fake public intellectual such as yourself doesn’t understand why a true public intellectual such as Chomsky believes what he believes. It must be even harder for you to understand why the American secret services just don’t kill the guy, or break his leg and feed him his own hair, like they did to Poddala Jayantha, that tiny little journalist.

Another interesting thing about this new article of his is his prediction on what will happen to Theoretical Physicists in the near future. The pundit writes “he only section among the western academics who still believe (it is nothing more than a belief) in grand theories are a species called Theoretical Physicists who still look for a grand unified theory a la Einstein. Theoretical Physicists led the way in western science from the time of Newton to that of Einstein but very soon they will become the laughing stock who will have to be hung with the strings in their superstring theories.” I have earlier read an article of his in the Vidusara newspaper in which he used the String Theory to support his claim that the Scientific Method is nothing but a sham. Again, this is intellectual dishonesty. Being a university professor and all, there is no way Nalin de Silva doesn’t know that the word theory has two meanings in science. Darwin’s Natural Selection was just a theory when he first proposed it. Now, it is still a theory, but it is certainly not a just a theory. Evolution was just a theory when it was first proposed. Now, it is still a theory, but it is certainly not a just a theory. Granted, you cannot prove those theories in the same way you prove mathematical theorems. But the theory of evolution is true as much as the heliocentric theory. It takes time for a theory to evolve from just-a-theory to a theory. String theory is still just a theory and this idiot used it to support his idiotic claim that the scientific method is just a sham (Aeroplanes fly you idiot). You know what Nalin, I don’t know about those theoretical physicists, but I know a certain mathematician who will become the laughing stock of the masses in the near future.


11 Responses to “Nalin de Silva displays his stupidity once again”

  1. The way of the Dodo Says:

    “” The western knowledge system has failed miserably and it is revealed in Gödel’s incomplete theorems in Mathematics that show that Western Mathematics does not have a solid foundation in a formal sense.””

    this is an extraordinarily silly sounding thing to say, i wonder what he actually means by this. especially in light of cohen’s work

  2. lefroy Says:

    I think this is because Hilbert was talking about giving a “solid foundation” to mathematics when Godel came along and proved what Hilbert wanted to do cannot be done.

    I don’t know what Nalin believes, but most people who read him might get the wrong idea that Godel’s theorem somehow proves that the whole of mathematics is false.

    • The way of the Dodo Says:

      that bit was obvious to me, but he maybe referring to something grander given the words he’s using

  3. lefroy Says:

    Nalin has elsewhere challenged those who believe there’s an objective reality independent of the mind, to prove, independent of the mind, that there’s an objective reality independent of the mind. Any ideas?

  4. The way of the Dodo Says:

    It’s all very grand to hold ideological high grounds, but someone should hold a gun against his head to see how much he really believes in the stuff he professes to believe.

    • lefroy Says:

      Indeed. Also, since Nalin says that we create knowledge using mind and sensory organs, one might ask what’s the point of having sensory organs if there’s no reality independent of the mind.

      • The way of the Dodo Says:

        i tried to read some of his stuff but it’s very messy. And being constantly assaulted words like ‘western’, ‘judeo-christian’ & ‘hegemony’ doesn’t help.

  5. k p p perera Says:

    The article is written in bad taste. It does not bring about any tangible fact. Terms like “acting like an insane ” person is just matters of opinion. As far as I know nalin is netither a modernist nor a post modernist. His arguments may be convoluted but the fact remains that hegemony is advocated by western regimes ( i am not talking of the civilization) in order to weed out the troublesome elements and also as a device of exploitation. Western modernity had a natural historical path, It evolved with those countries sosiopolitical relaities. What now happens is implanting that system in countries with other historical developments. This leads to refraction of society and total breakdown
    That is what nalin is against

    • lefroy Says:

      He’s an anti-modernist and an anti-postmodernist.

      Nalin thinks WCM is going to disappear or defeated very soon. Says it could even start in 2012. Yeah sure.

  6. lankathilaka Says:

    but,one must admit,western christian modernity sounds so much cuter than just western civilization… meta-narrative indeed!

  7. Nimal Says:

    This writer is writing Bullshit. I can 99% agree with Nalin Silva in most of his views. What is the name of this writer? We have to appreciate the truth what Nalin Silva reveals!!!!

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