Interdict Nalin de Silva


Among us there are people for whom stupidity is a way of life. It’s in their blood, running through their veins. It’s in their bones, and in what that remains if they die and fossilize. It’s in their DNA, in their genes. Some of those people are so stupid that they don’t believe those genes that make them painfully stupid actually exist, and instead believe that they are the creations of what they call Jedeo-Christian-Chinthanaya (Chinthanaya is not exactly the same, but not much different from Kuhn’s idea of paradigm, another idiot and his masturbatory fantasy). Among those stupid people who believe genes don’t exist, there are some university professors who teach higher mathematics. Among those university professors who teach higher mathematics there are people who believe the existence of a god by the name of Nãtha who conducts science experiments. One of those university professors who teach higher mathematics and believes that there exists a god by the name of Nãtha who conducts science experiments is Professor Nalin de Silva of the University of Kelaniya. Prof. De Silva of course has the right to believe whatever he wants to believe, no matter how weird what he believes is. It is weird ideas that drive the world forward. But at some point, a university has to draw a line simply in order to not look like a hospital for mental patients. Prof. De Silva has crossed this line. He is insane beyond reasonable doubt and must be interdicted.

Apparently, a research group associated with Kelaniya and Rajarata universities set out to find out the cause of the kidney disease that has been spreading all over the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa areas in the recent past. Apparently, they found that the concentration of Arsenic in the waters of wells, tanks and lakes of those areas were too high, and concluded that this could be the reason for the rapid spread of kidney diseases. Apparently, they found this by using a device called Atomic Absorption Spectrometer or something like that the chemistry department of the Kelaniya University possesses. Apparently, Prof. Nalin de Silva believes that this research group found this with the guidance of Nãtha Deyya.

Let us for a moment forget the ridiculousness of this belief and believe Nalin de Silva’s belief is true. That means one of the following three possibilities is true.

1. Nãtha Deyya always knew that it was Arsenic that was killing all those people and did nothing until someone came and asked for help.
2. Nãtha Deyya didn’t know it was Arsenic that was killing all those people and conducted a research (scientific or otherwise) to find out.
3. Nãtha Deyya didn’t know about the Arsenic and didn’t conduct any research. But when someone came and asked for help, he somehow guided that person to find the truth.

If the first possibility is true, Nãtha Deyya is a murderous bastard and people should be told not to worship him. He’s a bloody terrorist and we don’t negotiate with terrorists, let alone worship them. Also, whoever asked for his help must be arrested and interrogated for associating with a terrorist.

If the second possibility is true, the professors and lecturers who conducted this research must be kicked out from their universities and must be discredited. They have stolen someone else’s research and presented it as their own. Even if Nãtha Deyya gave it to them willingly, that doesn’t make it their own. It’s not their research.

If the third possibility is true, the research group must be asked to acknowledge Nãtha Deyya in their research papers. They need to formally thank him for guiding them.

If we go by Nalin de Silva however, this third possibility cannot be true. In his Dakma column of the 15th May 2011 edition of the Divayina Newspaper he writes, “It’s simply like this. We can see professors. Professors cannot see Arsenic. We cannot see gods. Gods can see Arsenic. I like this because there is certain symmetry in it.” This means Nãtha Deyya either knew about Arsenic all along, or came to know about it by means of research.

But we all know of course that Nalin de Silva is a delusional idiot and pretty much all he writes is just a load of bull crap. If he claims that this research group was guided by a god, he must provide some proof for that. There is none. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about proof (except when Tamil historians claim Sri Lanka has been a Tamil Nation before Sinhalese invaded it). He writes “I know very well that the so-called objective scientific method is a lie.” Hence the insane claims without any proof whatsoever.

The thing about scientific method is that it works. There are certain things called condoms that were made with the help of this method. It’s a pity that this guy’s parents didn’t use them. This guy is clearly delusional, if not insane. He needs help, is not capable of teaching in a university. So for Nãtha Deyya’s sake, interdict him.


16 Responses to “Interdict Nalin de Silva”

  1. kalaya Says:

    Professor Nalin de Silva is a genius. You are nobody. Go fuck yourself.

    • Darshan Says:

      Only some one with no real knowledge would call Nalin de Silva (the mathematics fellow) a genius. He is many things, but genius is not one of them. His research output is limited to two publications, That’s the usual output of a first year post-doc.

  2. The way of the Dodo Says:

    you have got be kidding me.

  3. Rohan Says:

    True. I alos read his articles on this. NDS really believes that the Buddhistic “gods” actually talk to people and help them.

    He also states (in a TV program) that later this year Americans are going to attack us (using the new X-47B UCAS stealth drones) and we can defeat them by meditation.

    NDS is a well-known crackpot. But I like him. Good entertainment like Mervyn Silva. Life here will be very boring without characters like him.

  4. Kamal Says:

    I heard that one Priyantha Senannayake from Malabe is the lady who is actually communicating with the gods and telling NDS about it. I am very interested in this. It seems this lady is a Sinhalal Doctor practicing the ancient medical art of Nila Wedakama. Any information on this would be really appreciated. I am of course with an open mind. I mean, how little do we know about the universe. Also this is the lady who found the cause & cure for the Rajarata kidney problem. i.e. arsenic. What news about the success rate? Any information about this Lefroy??? Please post in your blog please.

  5. tikiri Says:

    Yes he is a lunatic genius. we knew it long before you said it. that is why he was sent home once before, from another university.

  6. it is easy to comment on a person like this.but think yourself, what have you done to this nation or to this are nothing. only trying to become a highlighted person through insulting prf nalin de silva . try again in a better way. you never find who is nalin de silva.

    • lefroy Says:

      I’ll try not to insult people who make idiotic claims, in the future. Hah hah

    • priya Says:

      THisis a common answer “what have you done tto society” That is like cricketer getting out for 0 and asking a fan whether he ever played test cricket. This line of argument is flawed. When a person makes a comment he stands up to scrutiny. Just because others have not done something it doesn’t give NDS the power to say anything he likes. I think nalin isa megalomaniac. He has not done research lately. May be he wants to make a come back under the name of NATHA

    • red boy Says:

      i thought he predicted there was arsenic by using the help of god natha , before the experiment was even started, did he predict it like that ?

  7. G P Jayawardana Says:

    Any one want to check the profile of Prof Naleen De Silva Please see his profile on Wikipedia.

    The person who wrote this can you please publish your profile in this forum ? . Then we can decide who U are.

  8. Max Says:

    If the observation made by the god was experimented to be correct there must be something in it right?With all ur western scintific epistemology u could have done it?

  9. B.A.S.Kumara Says:

    people can say any thing like nalin de silva. But, telling his ideas caused to damage full society. Even buddhism. He never proved his ideas practically. Natha Deiyo says his children study Pali, Sanscrit, Nila vedakam and Yantra & Mantra Gurukam. This is time for you to open new insttiute to teach those things to University followers, then you can improve this institute up to the university blessing from “Sammyak” god.

  10. U.S.Deshapriya Says:

    If you want to see what a genius NDS is come to the main hall of his school and then uu will see the prizes he achieved

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