30 day padashow challenge


This month, April, has been one of the wierdest months in the blogosphere. For one thing, 28strawberrygirl wrote The Great Sri Lankan Blog Post. That was just plain great, even though there were people who demonstrated their stupidity by denying her blog post its rightful place as The Great Sri Lankan Blog Post. I would rather follow Prince Siddhartha and leave my imaginery son and wife to go and sit under a Bo tree in hopes of killing my faculty of reason than deny strawberry’s blog post its rightful place as The Great Sri Lankan Blog Post.

Then indi, the heart, the soul and the worm of kottu revealed that he has a son. His, I guess, must be one fucked up family. But then, it is his fucked up family and I have my own not so fucked up family to worry about. So while he was experimenting with parenting, it seemed that virtually everyone was experimenting with new things and writing about doing the said new things. It seemed that there were only 2 blogs that remained exactly as what they were: mine and Vositha’s.

Vositha’s Blog is unique in that it is the one place you should visit if you’re someone who’s addicted to sex and finds that it screws up your personal and professional lives. I assure you, sex will never even superficially resemble anything like sex again. But please take my advice when I say if you do read her, don’t leave comments there and let everyone know that your genitals are in hibernation.

But the one thing apart from the one after this that I’m going to write about, that makes this month one of the wierdest months in the Sri Lankan blogoshere, is this 30 day challenge madness. Virtually every mammal with ten fingers started some kind of 30 day challenge that looked so unbelievably idiotic (in fact, those are th readers of Vositha’s blog). Someone started a 30 day book challenge. Another a 30 day movie challenge. There were 30 day poetic challenges, 30 day song challenges et cetera. So even I, who is usually a sane person with an above average IQ, wondered why I don’t have a 30 day challenge on the great blog of mine, and even briefly cosidered about starting such a challenge called “30 day padashow challenge” and insult the intelligence of those who read my blog, and more importantly, insult my own formidable intelligence. I would tell anyone who found it to be juvenile to go and read Vositha’s Blog, and would’ve used it to further insult someone who has suffered enough because of both nature and me, someone whose nuts are sitting, when it is expected of his species to have nuts that hang. But then it IS juvenile and I have better things to do with my wonderful life, like pretending to be an illiterate merchant so that god might reveal himself to me.

Another thing of great importance which took place during this weird month is “The Triple Penetration of THE David Blacker” by a trio of good-for-nothing lawyers with brains imbibed with homoeroticism. I will not link to the thread in which this hideous crime took place out of respect I have towards the great David Blacker, a bald soldier whose behind commands an unimaginable amount of respect. But those who like to watch or participate in depraved homosexual orgies can visit Indi’s blog and find an article to which more than 200 comments are attached. Looking at the tautological solipcisms those three lawyers and the aforementioned bald soldier have posted there, one could not help but award the said bald soldier (who said in all seriousness, “my area is war, not law”) with the “Padaya of the Month Award” and send the three evil criminals to Pakistan, where the relevant (islamic) authorities can actually use them to gang-rape a girl previously raped by her own brother. We don’t need such lawyers here, in this country. We need more bald soldiers like David Blacker, whose only real response to any criticism or argument is a simple “lol” which so comprehensively articulates everything that needs to be articulated.

April has been a weird month, but there’s no reason to believe the next month will be any less weird. So if asinine fatuity is what you are looking for, please visit kottu. For everything else, bookmark my goddamn blog and visit it periodically.


2 Responses to “30 day padashow challenge”

  1. rangouk Says:

    28strawberrygirl, ha ha ha…. i’m sorry, it’s not your interpretation of her situation that has me in giggles, it’s just the whole strawberrygirl persona… 28strawberrygirl has got to be one of the most intriguing and entertaining blogs i’ve ever read (i’m serious), some quaint quality there. I’m not being sadistic, ok fine maybe a little, but ahhahahahahhahahaaaaa….

  2. vositha Says:

    I am not quite sure what to think of this 🙂

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