Isn’t Dilshan still mad at Upul Tharanga for sleeping with his wife?


Great partnership

Great partnership

Yesterday evening I was there at the Premadasa Stadium watching Tharanga and Dilshan mercilessly bludgeon England out of the cricket world cup. It was fun really. I’m not an obsessive cricket fan but I know enough about cricket to know that their partnership was pretty amazing. I had one question bugging me all the time though. Isn’t Dilshan still mad at Tharanga for sleeping with his wife?

I don’t know much about crickerters’ personal lives so I don’t know whether Tharanga slept with Dilshan’s wife in the first place. But here’s what I’ve heard. Dilshan was married to some woman, with whom he even had a child. Then Upul Tharanga came along and slept with her. Dilshan learnt about it and divorced her, and then went on to marry an actress. I don’t know their names, so let’s call the first one Woman-A and the second one Woman-B.

Apparently Dilshan’s now living reasonably happily with Woman-B. Woman-A, watching the two Sri Lankan openers yesterday must have been thinking, ‘well, they both have opened me and hit record breaking innings.’

I’m sorry Dilshan for making fun of you. Being cheated must have been very painful to you. It’s just that I can’t understand how you could let Tharanga have his century yesterday and hug him. If I were you, I’ll never be able to do that. I’d crush Tharanga’s balls with my bat and throw whatever left over extra-cover.

Maybe you haven’t forgiven him yet though. Maybe that’s why you hit that last boundary you hit yesterday. Just tell Sangakkara and Mahela and the rest to keep an eye on Tharanga. Make sure he doesn’t cuckold anyone else before the world cup final.


48 Responses to “Isn’t Dilshan still mad at Upul Tharanga for sleeping with his wife?”

  1. Christian Says:

    From what I heard apparently Dilshan had spread a rumour that Upul slept with his wife in order to obtain a quick divorce from his first wife. I think what happened was Dilshan had an affair with woman B she fell pregnant and therefore they felt the need to get married.

    Dilshan even ended up getting married in India during the IPL, non of his Sri Lankan team mates were there at the wedding and 3 months later second wife gave birth to a baby girl.

    Dilshan has been involved in a few issues of late one being an alleged rape case in Zimbabwe which consequently led to Mahela being handed the vice captaincy.

    so i don’t think the issue between theses two guys is clean cut but they both have some issues especially when it comes to communicating, Dilshan has run out Tharanga on numerous occasions.

    Tharanga doesn’t seem to be a guy who would do something so controversial which is why i feel more inclined to think that Dilshan is a shady guy but he does wonders for the team so i guess that’s all that matters.

  2. Delan Says:

    Christian is pretty much spot on…Dilshan couldn’t get married in SL because he had failed to divorce his first wife. Hence getting married in India.
    In order to hasten the divorce proceedings and try and make the second marriage legal he created and spread the rumour that she was having an affair with Upul Tharanga.
    Tharanga is still very much young, and been in and out of the side since a poor run in 2007 WC. He has definetly redeemed himself.
    Dilshan is very talented player, albeit a bit cocky at times, but he’s not the most trust-worthy character on or off the field. In addition to the incidents mentioned above, he is the same one that instructed young Randiv to bowl a deliberate no-ball when Sehwag was on 99.
    Hopefully these two will continue to stay focused and lead SL to WC glory once again!

  3. The way of the Dodo Says:

    I’m not sure if dilshan started the rumor about tharanga, but my father has some association with the father of woman A and the old man basically told dilshan to leave his daughter alone. Dilshan is a talented athlete, but a grade A douche. There is nothing more to be said.

    It’s good to see tharanga getting some recognition. He still lacks a little fluency though. not in stroke play, but in rotating the strike.

  4. REENA Says:


  5. SALLY Says:



  6. warlord Says:

    stop hating shitheads….let the man be… if they can put up with each other… what is the fucking problem you have with that…. go and find a real job you jobless freak without wasting the time to find out who’s sleeping with who….. I slept with your girlfriend but still I can put up with you freak

  7. The two of them are real cricketers who don’t let their personal life interfere with their career. That’s what you call “true sportsmanship”!

    • warlord Says:

      yes……….. what do you want them to do! go on crying like little babies and stop playing cricket???????

  8. Farah Says:

    hey!!!nothings wrong with upul………….if upul has dilshans wife,whyshould they be good friends in the matches and why did they hug>>>>>>>>obviously ape lankanslaaaaa oopa doopa cass ne ithng apita karanda deyak ne!!!!!!1

    • veena Says:

      u are right. upul is innocent. dil is bad. he is a bloody beggar, bullshit.

      • wildcat Says:

        upul is not innocent. its true that dilshan started the rumor. Nilanka and upul did not sleep together before dilshan divorced her. but later upul pursued her and slept with her. upul is still fucking her. I saw them at a restaurant in Colombo recently.

    • w1ldc4t Says:

      dilshan is a kupadi bastard

  9. Farah Says:

    dilshaaaannnnnnnnnnn is a stupid,bloody mannnn!!!! he’s sooooooooo dumb

  10. Th Says:

    Wt the fucking wrong with all f u. Dilshan z a great cricketer. Wht the fucking u want to talk about his personal life.

  11. Observer Says:

    I would say this LEFROY is a dumboooo..!!! this idiot is sooo jobless and he doesnt even know how to address an issue.. see the way he has written his note!!! typical oopa doopa dial ekak..!!!

  12. veena Says:

    idiots! i think some of u are also like dil. supporting that stupid.
    well. he is a best and best cricketer. but just think about his first wife and innocent son…………

    • warlord Says:

      thought of them…. and guess what????? they are doing well dumbass….. better than you…. sooooo stop posting stupid posts

  13. veena Says:

    hahahahaha! as a cricketer , i love dilshan. behavior wise i hate dilshan
    poooooooooooor nilanka and son…….

  14. warlord Says:

    wtf???????????? why anybody here ever dated Nilanka????? some stupid ppl talk like they know the whole fucking story… but what those loosers don’t know that ther’re two sides to every story…… soooo stop worrying about another man’s persinal life and start worrying about your’s…. If someone really soooo sad about Nilanka and her son go and marry her assholes!!!!!!!!!!

  15. rahul sarma Says:

    I think dilsan and tharanga are gays.

  16. vv Says:

    Finally Dhoni fucked Dilshan and Upal together royally 🙂

  17. sheyjo Says:

    Hold on a Sec mate…..! Who Shagged who here…..? Is it just me or everyone else saying its not ur f**kin wife got shagged, so its ‘non-o-ur biz-nez poopz’

  18. veena Says:

    i think sangakkara should’nt have resignedhis captain ship .

  19. ramsinge Says:

    nilanka is so cute lady…….
    manjula is soooooooooooooo big mountain……………..
    dilshan is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig stupid………..

  20. lali Says:

    if i were in tharanga’s place . in the field it self, i would have slapped dilshan with my shoe.
    poor nilanka
    poor resandu
    poor tharanga…….

  21. Jeevan Says:

    tharanga 1 day s gna bcum te mst succesful batsman …..breaking sanath jayasuriya

  22. […] Ex? i saw one pic of Tharanga and his gf (on a sl site) didn't look anything like Dilshan's ex Isn’t Dilshan still mad at Upul Tharanga for sleeping with his wife? The first answer pretty much sums up Dilshan shady actions as a man. "From what I heard […]

  23. jaakotu Says:

    Moral of the story: Srilankan men are whores but cricket lives ok… WTF?

  24. hasi Says:

    its not be anything wrong.. dilshan take careing his son.. and upul also married her.. both of them spend a happy family life..

  25. amuthan gp Says:

    well i heard that dilshan raped tharanga’s sister and killed her. inorder to avenge for his sister’s death tharanga knowingly slept with dilshan’s wife

  26. relekan Says:

    first they both wrong….dilshan had manjula thilini and dilshans ex. was seeing upul tharanga long before even dilshan was with manjula…nilanka has been discretely meeting upul tharanaga for a very long time, and changed her attitude with dilshan and he was hurt and then he went with manjula …
    being a mother of a lovely child resandu, she should have been faithful and clean….since they both were wrong they mutually signed for divorce. and to see manjula thilini is a lovely wife who loves kids and her husband. even though dilshan seems to be a player….arnt they all the cricketers..
    like upul chandana now going out with sanath ex, sandra jayasuriya… people have seen many places and late night clubbing at hotels with women…
    they think money and fame they can buy women, law and country they are not people with a heart…..
    once loose money they come to sense

    and thats too late……

  27. yeheli Says:

    chi……totally wrong…… dilshan wanted 2 marry manjula…so he created rumours abt nilanka and tharanga……. manju was pregnant while getting married.

  28. reality Says:

    I don’t know about he solidity of the above details, but based on the facts one thing is for sure, Dilshan’s eldest son is so lucky to have witness a great partnership between his biological father and the step father on the day of the quarter finals in 2011 WC.

  29. Dan Says:

    How is Upul Tharanga not selected for the T20 world Cup? What is going on?

  30. mithraka kulawansa Says:

    i feel very sad for the writer, because dilshan had left his wife at the first instant,and life goes on and on, but this writer still carry first woman on his shoulders and heading no where,improve you self, at least meditate half and hour per day poor fellow,after all we all human being and we all die.

  31. mithraka kulawansa Says:

    why these stupid guys so concern about this affair, it seems to be their balls crushing, if these two people don’t mind, let the matter be like that

  32. vijay Says:

    Fuck srilankans…all srilankan men r pimps and all womens r bitches…srilankan men loves their wife and sister even his mother fucked by foreigners…

  33. Hiran Says:

    You such an ass hole. You are lower than a dog. Search about your wife’s openers.

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