Mahinda Rajapakse Deconstructed – A Postmodern Look at the Sri Lankan Leader


It is hardly a surprise that time in the recent past has flown in an unsychronized, yet meticulously chronological manner so that even the most hideous of crimes have become historical epics notwithstanding their obvious inaccuracies and transgenerational inductive anamolies. These matters of sensitive hyperbole have desentisized the captive sympathetical nature of the human mind that some of the bohemian qualities, that seem to be apparently ludicrous, have become the normal proportion of human suffering. His intellectual employee Dayan Jayatilaka, who has been exploited and cuckolded by the sheer power of masochist power struggling nature of the postmodern, has been unconsciously pointing at the logrithmic values of penile transaction in which neither he nor the accepted SL citizen never had a say. The methodical nature of this dramatic consequence will be demonstrated in the next article.


2 Responses to “Mahinda Rajapakse Deconstructed – A Postmodern Look at the Sri Lankan Leader”

  1. TheSimpleton Says:

    A good article, Lefroy, but for the ordinary Sri Lankans to understand the point, it would have been better if it had been written in simple English. My experience is that only a handful of Sri Lankans who are also fas disappearing can understand high-flown writings in English.

  2. The way of the Dodo Says:

    Lol, i see what you’re doing here.

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