Buddhism is Bullshit – Part I


This article assumes that the Theory of Evolution is true, and doesn’t try to prove it. Evolution happened, and that’s a fact. Anyone who says otherwise is either a dumb idiot who seems like a dumb idiot, or a dumb idiot who calls himself a postmodernist/science philosopher, or something like that. This second category of people, dumb idiots posing as intellectuals, might argue that you cannot really prove anything (except in maths), and everything is a matter of personal belief.

In maths, once you assume a certain set of axioms to be true, things are either true or false. Pythogarus Theorem will hold no matter how many right triangles you draw, provided that you believe in those Euclidean axioms, like two parallel lines never meet.

It’s true that you cannot prove evolution in the same way. But then the same is the case with the theory that the earth goes around the sun. A pedant would say that you cannot absolutely prove that earth goes around the sun. But we know that’s bull. Earth goes around the sun. That’s a fact. Evolution is just like that. It’s a fact.

Abrahamic religions such as Islam and Christianity believe that the earth is only few thousand years ago and dinosaurs walked with humans. That’s bull. Earth is much older. It’s in fact 4.5 billion years ago. Life began 3.5 billion years ago. There were 5 great extinctions. The last one happened 65 million years ago and it wiped out dinosaurs. 15 million years ago we were ground apes. 1 million years ago, there were Homo ergasters. They kind of looked like us. But if we travelled back in time and tried to interbreed with them, we’d fail since they belonged to a different species. Then there were Archaic Homo sapiens. After that, about 100,000 years ago, modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens came into existence. About 30,000 years ago happened what is called the Great Leap Forward. This is when the Cromagnon Man started drawing stuff on their cave walls. 10,000 years ago happened the Agricultural Revolution, giving rise to civilisation.

So we see that the earth is much older than the Christians and Muslims thinks it is. But it’s not old enough for religions such as Buddhism that talk about reincarnation.

To be continued…


14 Responses to “Buddhism is Bullshit – Part I”

  1. Wow, that’s clever. You headline the post as being about Buddhism, but then you don’t actually talk about Buddhism. And BTW, I didn’t know that a Maoist event in history had anything to do with the evolution of man.

  2. RaKa Says:

    I don’t think ‘World’ = ‘Planet Earth’ in Buddhism point of view. Just a thought.

  3. RaKa Says:

    “But if we travelled back in time and tried to interbreed with them…”

    why on earth would you do that. That would probably be the sickest use of time machine. :S

  4. lefroy Says:

    You’ve missed “part I” part of the title. Wait for part II.

    Maoist event? Is it the agricultural revolution you’re referring to? It certainly had a great cultural impact and perhaps a minor biological impact too.

    True. World is not planet earth. I will come to that later.

    About the time machine. Exactly why’s it sick? I don’t know whether you could call it bestiality or not. In any case, I only used it to explain why they don’t belong to the same species as ours.

  5. Rakhitha Says:

    time machine part was just a joke! I mean if we invent a time machine I don’t think that would be in the list of ‘things to do when you go back in time’

  6. Hi Lefroy,

    Would you like to give permission to include some of your articles in our website?

    Also, would you be interested in writing articles and help develop this group further….
    Please let me know if you like to join our editorial/author team….

    – Hemantha

    • raccoonsofmars Says:

      Hi Lefroy, can you please delete and remove the comments 6 and 7 and this one as well for me… three in total? It will be a great help. I cannot do this on my side, need your help. Cheers!

  7. lefroy Says:

    You can publish my articles anywhere you like.

    I don’t think I could join your group though.

  8. Sal_D_Man Says:

    Your point about Christianity and Islam stating that the earth is a few thousand years old is subject to correction. Me being a Muslim know that to be wrong, and it has not been stated anywhere in our religion that the earth is few thousand years old. It has many many era and like you rightly say, is billions of years old

  9. Lothar Says:

    There is a school of thought holding that one needs to dig into Buddhism to find a core of truth hidden beneath masses of cultural adulterations and accretions. I think it is possible that kamma and rebirth are part of the latter.

  10. jojopkiller Says:

    Dude just chill a little and stop calling people dumb, then take a breath, then go search the web for a book called forbidden archeology. after that try poving evolution hahaha

  11. […] Buddhism is Bullshit – Part I Buddhism is Bullshit – Part II Buddhism is Bullshit – Part III Buddhism is Bullshit – Part IV A response to the responses to my buddhism is bullshit series […]

  12. Desmond Peck Says:

    The evolution theory just explain how mankind evolved from prehistoric times to what we are now. Traits like anger and greed are even considered essential to human survival and progress. The Buddha doesn’t explain how the world began as such knowledge is not conducive to easing the suffering of mankind. He is more concerned about helping people transcend human suffering like he did. We should be glad that we still live in times when we are still able to learn what he teaches.

  13. Sandin Says:

    There are different types of worship. When someone worships a god, they praise him or her, making offerings and ask for favors’, believing that the god will hear their praise, receive their offerings and answer their prayers. Buddhists do not indulge in this kind of worship. The other kind of worship is when we show respect to someone or something we admire. When a teacher walks into a room we stand up, when we meet a dignitary we shake hands, when the national anthem is played we salute. These are all gestures of respect and worship and indicate our admiration for persons and things. This is the type of worship Buddhist practice. A statue of the Buddha with its hands rested gently in its lap and its compassionate smile reminds us to strive to develop peace and love within ourselves. The perfume of incense reminds us of the pervading influence of virtue, the lamp reminds us of light of knowledge and the flowers which soon fade and die, reminds us of impermanence. When we bow, we express our gratitude to the Buddha for what his teachings have given us. This is the nature of Buddhist worship. Buddhists do not worship anyone or anything. The Buddha himself said that he was not a god nor should he be worshiped. However, you may see people bowing to a statue of the Buddha; this is merely showing respect in the same way that one might bow to a King or Queen or salute the flag. Buddhism is not a religion in the Western sense but is a philosophy of living as a way to improve your life and the lives of those around you. In Buddhism, there are higher beings commonly designed as gods, Devas. However, Buddhism does not teach the notion of praying nor worship to the Devas or any god(s). Devas, in general, are beings who have had more positive karma in their past lives than humans. Their lifespan eventually ends. When their lives end, they will be reborn as devas or as other beings. When they accumulate negative karma, they are reborn as either human or any of the other lower beings. Humans and other beings could also be reborn as a deva in their next rebirth, if they accumulate many positive karma, however it is not recommended. Buddhism flourished in different countries, but it may have polytheistic features there, but generally the “local” types Buddhism are mixed from part of that country’s folk religion and the “proto-Buddhism”. For example, in Japan, Buddhism, mixed with Shinto, which worships kamis (or nature spirits), created a tradition which prays to the kamis. Thus, there may be elements of worship of gods in some forms of later Buddhism. People worship to a god and expect something form him is what people doing in many religions. But in Buddhism this is different. Lord Buddha is not living today so he can’t help to people who warship to him. The Lord Buddha has supreme characteristics such as infinite intelligence; infinite power, infinite kindness etc. This is not a fantasy it is the reality which described in Buddhism. Lord Buddha can’t be equals to anyone except another Lord Buddha who lived in another aeon (Antak-Kalpa) or living in another great trichiliocosm (trisāhasra-mahāsāhasra-lokadhātu). Lord Buddhas have infinite virtues which can only be equals to a Lord Buddha. According to Lord Buddhas teaching(Dharma/Ultimate Truth) respecting or worshipping to a person who has good virtues will be a good Karma. By worshipping to the Lord Buddha we can get largest merits (karma) than worshipping any other person in this universe. According to Buddhism, from our born to die everything mainly happened according to karmas which we have done in pervious lives (there are other four reasons described as “Niyama Dhammas”). Getting a good appearance, good house, good friends, good job or good wife everything mainly happened according to good friends, good job or good wife everything mainly happened according to karma (But we can change it). So if we have good karma next life we can get a good appearance, good house etc. That’s why Buddhist warship Buddha. Karmas mainly get on to action in the next life that’s why some people don’t believe it. According to Buddha if you don’t believe karma it will be a very bad karma called “Mithya Dushtiya” which will definitely make very bad results. Buddhism originally is a Philosophy of Ending of Sufferings, thus they don’t have gods or deities. It is only later that it became a religion (with rituals). Anyone can follow the Buddhist Philosophy and still remain with their religion. One example is Norman Fiscer, A Jewish-American Soto Zen Buddhist. (see link).

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