Faith is not great (subtitle: fuck all religions)


One million years ago, Handy Lefroy, an ancestor of mine who was a Homo ergaster, thought about jumping off a cliff. He was only six years old, so he didn’t know any better. Fortunately his mother Jennifer Lefroy saw what he was up to, and warned him not to jump off the cliff. She told him that it’d kill him. Even though Handy didn’t know what death means, he knew it was bad and didn’t want to die. He believed his mother. He had faith in her, faith that she had his best interest in her heart. His younger brother, Ranil Lefroy, also wanted to jump off the same cliff, and yet when Jennifer told him not to do so because it’d kill him, he did not believe. He died. While he was falling, he wasn’t able to reproduce. The genes in his body were destroyed, while the genes in Handy’s body survived. Some of those genes are possibly in me, and you.

We are the descendants of those who were capable of believing without any reason to do so. We are the descendants of those who were capable of faith. Therefore, we are capable of faith. We have faith in our wives, husbands, sons and daughters. We have faith in ourselves. Without this kind of faith, our lives would’ve been really hard to live. It is our belief that the mysteries of the universe can be revealed and explained that leads us to make great scientific discoveries. So it is clear that faith is a creation of evolution just like anything else, and that it has a good side to it.

But when Jennifer Lefroy told her son Handy Lefroy that sun is a god, he believed her. When Johnny Lefroy was told that drinkable water and salt water can never be mixed, he believed it. When Ronny Lefroy was told that all Jews were sinners because they killed Jesus Christ, he believed it and joined with atheist Adolf Hitler to kill millions of Jews in gas chambers. When Bloody Lefroy was told that being raped is akin to committing adultery, he believed it and stoned a girl to death who was raped by four Pakistani men. Clearly, faith is not great.

Religious faith is just f****d up. What would you think about a person who believes that snakes talked, a son was born to a virgin woman, that there’s a cycle of death and rebirth called samsara, if he was the only guy who says so? You would think he’s a lunatic. But when billions of people say so, you think they make sense. That’s because you’re an idiot.

Really, would you vote for a guy who thinks that earth is only six thousand years old and dinosaurs were still there when Egyptians made pyramids because a book called Bible says so? What the f**k? Would you vote for a guy who wants to kill all Jews because he thinks they all are sinners because they killed Jesus Christ? Really, what the f**k? Would you really believe a guy who says that you’ll get 72 virgins after you martyr for your religion and get yourself killed? What the f**k?

Religions, all religions, are bad. Just f**king bad. Where does this idea that people who lived two thousand years ago knew more about life, universe and everything more than we know come from? New knowledge is created on the shoulders of existing knowledge. Do you think people who lived 2000 years ago knew more about human anatomy than we know? I don’t think so since I assume you’re not an idiot. So why do you think they knew more about human mind, life and universe than we know? What makes you think Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or Jim Jones knew more about any of those things than you know? Really, what the f**k?


6 Responses to “Faith is not great (subtitle: fuck all religions)”

  1. Very nice. Harsh. I LOVE IT! But, Hitler was Catholic, not an atheist.

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  3. thiththaaththa Says:

    Luv it man! nice

  4. excellent writing congratulation from the depths of my logic. no bull, ……. name above

  5. Labron Says:

    People believe a “son was born of a virgin” only because it’s a mistake in translation…the text was never actually written like that. The original writing was “a young woman shall conceive”

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