Eulogy for Thomas Lefroy by Sittingnut


lefroy published a post with photo ( of un unknown naked male ) entitled A “Naked Photograph of Sittingnut a.k.a The Excreting Nut ” on febraury 01, 2010 2.28pm it was available till about 5.00pm

after publishing and getting it admitted to kottu it he deleted it

once again it is clear that indi.padashow ( son of a corrupt political appointee ) who promoted this blog is applying a different standard to this blog than to one he banned like tamilnet(dot)tv even though they did the same things ( for a worthier cause ) this blog does as i have pointed out from the beginning of these attacks.

indi continued use posts from here in his leader kottu print version long after attacks started .

if indi.padshow had any principles he should unban those blogs from kottu.

however much truth hurts lefroy, and whatever he calls it in his hate , i will tell the truth, the complete truth.

lefroy is angry at me for exposing indi.padashow , his hypocrisy and political connections and feels a passionate need for attacking me as a result . so he attck me in post after post
his various and ever changing explanations for attack after attack post against me ( and onl;y me ) here using abuse of the worst kind, does not wash

i will continue to post protest comments in all his threads as long as he censors my comments in his attack threads (for ex in his post “sittingnut is not libertarian” on january 30, 2010 he censored my original comments there i had to repost them and post protest comments in other threads)

i will continue to ask, why does he attack me( and only me ) in this fashion.
i will continue to ask why does indi .padashow apply a double standard to him
i will also continue to ask him to come out of the closet about his true relationship to indi padashow


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