Ranil took money from me – Sabir Hussein


This was sent to me by Sabir Hussein in response to my post “The Sunday Leader + Ranil the Corrupt + Sabir Hussein the Criminal + Yellow Journalism”

Malik Samarawickrama has himself stated that donations were mainly given to the Leader and or its Fund Raising Committee and that these donations were almost exclusively anonymous and that no records are available save for a note of the expenses incurred by the party.

That in itself is proof indeed that monies were received by the Leader of the UNP from time to time and that it was in fact the status quo to donate money, in cash anonymously to the Leader of the party. Mr Wickremesinghe’s intransigence and reluctance to merely acknowledge that I was a donor is manifestly galling and in my opinion reflects the true nature of the persona. Wickremesinghe by quoting a legal matter within a foreign jurisdiction attempts to cast aspersions on my integrity. Wickremesinghe being a lawyer will understand the notion that a person is not guilty until the legal process has been exhausted.

In the 2 years leading to the General Elections of 2002 I have remitted quite legally approx USD 1.6 Million to my accounts in Sri Lanka. In this same period I have spent less than 60 days in Sri Lanka, staying always at a Colombo hotel. Even if I had spent the equivalent of USD 1,000 per night of my stays, I would have spent not more than Rs 6 Million on my personal expenses. In this same period I have withdrawn approximately Rs 50 Million in cash from my accounts from which my various expenses have been met. In the run up to the elections in 2005, I transferred even more money – an additional approx US$ 1.4 Million and withdrew over Rs 110 Million in cash for my use in Sri Lanka. My personal expenses in this additional period was approx Rs 5 Million making a total of Rs 11 Million. A simple calculation will reveal that I had over Rs 90 Million in cash “left over”. It is from these funds that donations were given to the Leader of the UNP.

Documentary evidence is available of the transactions referred to above and I would be willing to engage Wickremesinghe for a LIVE debate perhaps on a channel over which he has some family control. Unlike Wickremesinghe, despite the fact that I am not a “public” figure, I am being open about my finances in order that a reasonable person, can make his own mind up whether I had the financial means to make these donations;

On the contrary Wickremesinghe despite being a “public” persona, has chosen not to provide a fair and reasonable explanation to clear the air if nothing else. Even his Asset declaration made to parliament remains under these archaic rules, closed off for the public to read of his wealth and financial interests. Patently he could solve much of the speculation if he resorts to being far more transparent and releases by his own free will, a copy of his latest Asset declaration. Indeed, I may as well say, “Need I say more”.

Mr Wickremesinghe calls for an end to the “Rajapaksa Dictatorship” when in fact, it is Wickremesinghe who is perpetuating a virtual dictatorship within the United National Party. Presidnt Rajapaksa remains where he is because he has the luxury of having the people’s mandate.

Yours truly

Sabir Hussein


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