Sittingnut or Sleepingnut; how can you live with yourself?


I woke up this morning and the first thing that came across my mind was ELECTRA. No, it had nothing to do with Freud the Pervert or those perverted greek tragedies. No, I remembered Electra the blogger, whose blog is titled “Portrait.” I’m not a big fan of her. Damn, she’s smart. But I’m not, so I don’t understand 3/4 of what she writes. She can write. Her prose is elegant and poetic (and also a little pretentious)…. Anyway I read her blog this morning and realised I was right to not be a big fan of her. You just don’t write long, elegant and poetic essays about these things. You just write “Dear Sri Lankan people. Your President, and your representatives at the parliament have fu*ked you in the ass. Pull your pants down, take pictures of your asses, and send them to me. I’ll post them on my blog.” I would’ve sent her a photo of my ass if sittingnut doesn’t read her blog…… Speaking of the Nut, where is he? He hasn’t published anything lately. I haven’t either, but that’s because my nuts have been more active than my brain. Well, I guess Sittingnut (or Sleepingnut) has deactivated his nuts, just like you would deactivate a Facebook account. How can he live with himself? His boss is ruining the country, and is killing whatever that was left of democracy. How can he live with himself, the self-proclaimed libertarian? What did you do to our asses you asshole?


One Response to “Sittingnut or Sleepingnut; how can you live with yourself?”

  1. Don’t worry Sitting Nut would soon write pointing that nothing in the amendment is illegal, and any other party would have done the same, but he disagrees with the amendment, but country x has also done it so no reason for a big fuss, those who speak against the amendment didn’t support war, etc. I’m dying to read his next post. lol

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