Why Gota says the things he say?


In a HARDtalk interview with Stephen Sackur of the BBC, Gotabaya Rajapakse directly threatened to hang Sarath Fonseka. He said it in the crudest possible way. He said ” “He can’t do that. He was the commander,” he said. “That’s a treason. We will hang him if he do that. I’m telling you… How can he betray the country? He is a liar, liar, liar.” This was a tirade.

This is not the first time Gota has said something like this. He does this all the time. So why does he do it? After all, the journalist only asked questions any journalist would ask unless he’s Sri Lankan, for if a Sri Lankan ask these questions, he’d be hanged before Fonseka. There was absolutely no reason for Gota to go ballistic. The interviewer was actually a gentler one. A man like Bill O’reilly, Bill Maher, or John Humprhies would have ripped him apart.

So why does he say these things? Why does he lose his cool like this? The answer is simple. He’s a HOMICIDAL MANIAC.

Go and see a therapist, sir.


One Response to “Why Gota says the things he say?”

  1. ganakya Says:

    I watched this on BBC and was astonshied at the way Gota responded to the questions. I simply cannot understand why he cannot fathom the implications of an outburst like that would have on the image of the already tarnished Sri Lankan govt.

    If you happen to see the interview Mahinda had with Al-Jazeera , you will see that the reaction was pretty much similar. He was jumping at the questions ,thinking vainly to unsettle the interviwer , and ended up only answering foolishly ! Politics aside , I do not want the president of my country to answer in such a lowly manner and I am sure all sri lankans who watched it would have been embarssed.

    I think these guys needs to understand that they need to have differnt stance when faced with the the international journalists. Barking like dogs will not help the reputation nor the image of this country .

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