The Sunday Leader EXPOSED. Is this freedom of speech?


As the scandal surrounding The Sunday Leader continues to unfold after they accused the UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe of corruption for accepting Rs. 48 million from a criminal named Sabir Hussein, without having any documentary evidence whatsoever to account for more than Rs. 47 million of that money, The Sunday Leader has resorted to removing comments I and someone else made on their website asking about it, even though neither of our comments contained any abusive language at all.

On 6th June 2010, the headline of The Sunday Leader was “UNP Leader Got Rs. 48 Mn From One “Donor”.” Commenting on it on their website, I raised the point that even though this man Sabir Hussein (who is believed to be a CRIMINAL by this newspaper) claims that he gave Rs. 48 Mn (USD 456,000) to Ranil Wickremasinghe, even though the newspaper uses his claim as its main headline, according to the article, the documentary evidence they have only accounts for less than 1 million rupees (USD 9000). Even these USD 9000 weren’t directly given to the UNP or to Ranil Wickremasinghe. In my comment, I asked them to explain whether or not they have documentary evidence to account for the rest of the money (i.e. USD 451,000). This comment, and a similar comment some other person made there, have now been deleted.

The fact that they have deleted my comment implies that they do not have any such evidence. The Sunday Leader should either directly claim that they have such documentary evidence and publish photographs of them on their newspaper, or they should publicly apologise to Ranil Wickremasinghe for being the centre of a huge false propaganda storm against him, and to me and the other commenter for shamelessly deleting our comments.

I wish that I can sue you, Sunday Leader. I can’t. But I will not stop until you reply to this. I will set up a new website or a dozen of them if I have to. I will make sure that my articles about you appear among the top ten Google searches for you. I will do all of that, unless you reply.


4 Responses to “The Sunday Leader EXPOSED. Is this freedom of speech?”

  1. The Sunday Leader Says:

    Why don’t you go fuck yourself Lefroy? Many thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    The Sunday Leader

  2. Ranil Says:

    Nowhere in the article do they accuse him of being a criminal, and I quote ” Independent checks by The Sunday Leader confirmed that Hussein did not have any criminal record in Sri Lanka. Later, Samarawickrema contacted us again to say that he was unsure whether Hussein indeed had a criminal record and that in fact it had to do with an issue with the Swedish authorities.”

    Stop being such a whiny little bitch. You should be ashamed, distorting facts just to support your own views. Ranil is going The Way of the Dodo. Get your head out of your ass and get over it.

    • lefroy Says:

      No they are too clever to directly accuse Sabir of being a criminal.

      But they write,
      “If it is the case that Hussein has a criminal record and that Samarawickrema was aware of it , it proves that Ranil Wickremesinghe had no qualms about taking huge amounts of money from criminals.”

      This is like saying, IF Mahinda Rajapakse killked men in coldblood, IF he raped women, killed children, stole from the people, then he’s a fucking sun of a bitch.

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