Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again.


In the last couple of days, I read the seventh and the final book of the Harry Potter series for the second time. This was partly because right now I couldn’t concentrate on anything more serious than Harry Potter or The Lost Symbol… I found the book after searching for it for more than a hour but until I saw the epigraph page, I wasn’t even sure whether or not to read the book. I had completely forgotten that my favourite greek tragedian Aeschylus (sorry Sophocles) was there along with William Penn. Upon seeing their names, I decided I should re-read the novel and write something about it on this blog… I remember the first time I read the Deathly Hallows, when Ron left Harry and Hermione in the middle of the book I thought I must have been an idiot to not be able to predict what was going to happen between Harry and Hermione even after reading that Aeschylus piece from Libation Bearers. I thought they’d have sex (at least kiss). I mean they were alone in the middle of a wood… It seemed obvious. Rowling had obviously modelled Harry on Orestes. Even though Orestes didn’t have a scar on the forehead in Aeschylus’ version, in Euripides’ he did. Orestes was also prophesied and determined to avenge the murder of his father. According to one version of the legend, Orestes marries Hermione, his cousin and the daughter of Menelaus and Helen (yes, that Helen for whom Prince Paris let Troy burn)… But Harry and Hermione never get to have sex. Harry tells Ron that for him Hermione was like a sister. So Ron copulated with her and then married her, or married her and then copulated with her. Either way she had his babies (or Malfoy’s. Hah). Screw it. It was like a pregnant Scully marrying Walter Skinner when he’s romantically attached to religious Fox Mulder. Just crazy… I mean I really don’t get it. Why on earth did Harry marry Ginny? Unless she’s better than Hermione at faking orgasms, I really can’t see why. Ginny was unimportant to the story. I wouldn’t have given a damn if she died in the last book after being raped by one of those giants. Making Harry marry Ginny is the second greatest mistake Rowling ever made regarding Harry Potter, the first being that candy-ass epilogue she wrote. That epilogue must be the worst piece of literature I ever read… But I liked the book. Otherwise I wouldn’t read it twice. I mean, I always wanted Harry to go Rambo, single-handedly kill all the evil Death Eaters and defeat Voldemort in one epic battle. But I also knew that it would never happen, especially given his timidity, and that he’d need some cheap trick to kill Voldemort the greatest dark wizard of the modern times. So I’m okay with the ending. Yeah yeah. It seemed that it wasn’t Harry’s cleverness or Voldy’s inability to feel remorse but his stupidity and carelessness that cost him his life. And yes, Peeves, being stupid, sang a stupid song at the end, and somehow it found its way to the book. But I’m still okay with the end. But I just can’t stomach that epilogue… I liked the fact that religion played a big part in this last novel. I don’t believe in religion but still, even I can’t talk about death without talking about religion. So we had an epigram by William Penn, who was a Quaker. Then we had Harry and Hermione reading Bible verses on a Christmas Eve: “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death” (1 Corinthians 15:26) and “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:19). And all this time I waited for Harry and Hermione to kiss. That graveyard, when Harry began to cry, was the perfect time and place to do it (I know I know). But they never did. Dammit Harry. If you can’t do it, let….


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