Election Highlights


It turns out my election predictions have been reasonably accurate. I predicted the best case scenario for the opposition will be UNP getting 65 seats, ITAK 15 and DNA 05. Usually best case scenarios do not actually happen. When the results of Kandy and Trincomalee districts are released and the number of seats they get from the National List is determined, we’ll see UNP getting little less than that and DNA getting a little more than I thought. If what I heard is right, DNA will get one from Kandy. National List will give them another. That would give them a total of 7 seats… Milinda Moragoda and Rohitha Bogollagama have got screwed. Hemakumara Nanayakkara got screwed long before the election. Great… Ranil got screwed two. Although he got 230 thousand something votes and became UNPs number one, Wimal screwed him with 50,000 more votes. Not bad Wimal. Ranjith Madduma Bandara screwed Ranil as well, in his own way… As I predicted (not in my blog, but in the comments I made on other blogs) the 3 f**kers (Duminda, Mervyn, and Sarana) all got elected. Those who voted them must have done so to get f**ked and get the government to pay for their rectal cancers… My sweetheart Upeksha Swarnamali got elected, while Geetha Kumarasinghe got her butt kicked. That’s probably the best thing about this election… Ranjan Ramanayaka, Manusha Nanayakkara, Buddhika Pathirana all got elected. Good for the country… Rajitha, Mahinda Samaraweera, Johnston, Indika Bandaranaike have got elected. Not so good for the country… Fernandopulle’s wife surprised me. I knew she’d get elected. But I never thought she’d only be second to Basil. It seems people loved her hubby a lot… It’s rumoured that S.B has come first in Kandy. Not sure whether this is true. But he, Aluthgamage, Keheliya, Lohan Ratwatte, and the Amunugama couple are bound to go to the parliament. From the UNP Hakeem and Mano will make it to the parliament. Don’t think Kiriella’s got a chance… Finally, all 4 Rajapakse’s (Basil, Namal, Chamal and Nirupama) got elected with flying colours. Mahinda will stay in power for at least another 20 years. Then those guys will rule the country for another 30 years. Fukk… And oh, Mahinda’s Hora-Arakku buddy Laxman Perera came in first in Matale.


One Response to “Election Highlights”

  1. I think dat Paba chick gettin elected is a sign of progress.. In developed countries too strippers n all can run for parliament although I’m not sure they get elected?
    She can be a symbol of women’s empowerment here and if she can manage to pass a law on legalizing prostituion, she can also be a shining example and also reduce the number of seperate fuckers in sri Lanka 🙂

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