Democracy for Monkeys.


What happens when monkeys get the opportunity to vote? This is what happens. They elect Mervyn Silva, Duminda Silva, Sarana Gunawardena, and Janaka Bandara Thennakone to the parliament. I have nothing against those who voted for the UPFA. I mean it’s not like the past UNP governments governed the country super democratically. Besides, lot of people think Ranil was and is an appeaser. But I have a big, goddamn problem with those who voted guys like Mevyn Silva. Those nutters who vote to get fucked… This election is perfect to explain to someone the reasons behind the tension between democracy and liberalism. Democracy is majority rule. Liberals believe in democracy not because majority is always right, but because democratic traditions are the least evil of those we know. Even the people in countries where democratic traditions are strong and have been there for centuries make mistakes. In countries like ours, where democratic traditions are not very strong, where democracy is something that was imposed upon the people, people almost always make big, fucking mistakes like sending Duminda Silva to the parliament… I mean, you’d expect people in Colombo and Gampaha to be a little bit wiser than the rest of the country, right? But perhaps it was the village idiots who now live in Colombo and Gampaha voted those bastards. It happens all the time in rural districts. Janaka Bandara always come first in Matale. This time he came in second because of that Hora-Arakku guy named Laxman Perera who funded Mahinda’s campaign. I expected this. I even thought Duminda would come in first. But it’s still shocking… I don’t know. Maybe they are idiots. Maybe they just love to get fucked after every election.


One Response to “Democracy for Monkeys.”

  1. timeseye Says:

    can’t say who’s who….ppl like them for different reasons…like the same way u hate them

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