General Election 2010


I like elections. Even though the party I’m voting for is bound to lose, I love elections. I love to vote… Today the UNP will lose. After they lose, they will blame the Election Commissinor for not allowing election monitoring personnel inside counting centres. That’s a legitimate reason to blame the sick, old guy. But not an excuse to lose. The truth is, UNP will lose no matter what… Best case scenario for them I think them getting 65 seats, TNA getting 15, and DNA getting 5. I highly doubt this will happen. Even if this happens, it’s only a matter of time before opposition MPs begin selling their own souls and the metaphorical virginity of their mothers… With a 2/3 majority, Mahinda will f**k us upside down. Look what the last 2 governments with 2/3 majority did to the democracy and good governance of this country. There’s no reason to believe that the next government will do otherwise if they get 2/3, especially with the Royal Family and Mervyn Silva around… Perhaps a 2/3 majority won’t make any difference. It’s not like we have a written constitution at present. The constitution in use is an unwritten one kept inside Mahinda’s head. Only, if he gets 2/3, this unwritten constitution will get written, and the rest of us will have to abide by it for the rest of our lives. Make no mistake, Human Rights will have no place in the new constitution. I’m serious. They don’t like Human Rights. Ask Prof. Nalin de Silva if you don’t believe me… I like the UNP, and hope one day they will come to power. This is because it is the closest party to my ideology. Since I’m a social liberal I support public healthcare and so on. But I think there’s too much welfare is going on in Sri Lanka. That’s bad. It makes governments too powerful. Ranil’s was the only government which actually tried to reduce its size (Look what that did to him. Job cutting and privatising is not very popular around here). Although I prefer a social market economy to a free market economy I think there’s too much manipulations, interventions and regulations are going on. Ranil tried to fix that too… Doesn’t matter. He’ll lose.


One Response to “General Election 2010”

  1. maf Says:

    Good post even though I disagree with your opinion I do like your analysis…who the hell is this Nalin de Silva?

    I really don’t think the UPFA is as bad as you think and deserves the opportunity to shine …the eternal optimist 🙂

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