Collateral Murder + Sri Lankan nuts


On Monday, Wikileaks released a 17 minute video of a US helicopter gunship attack on a group of Iraqi men in New Baghdad in 2007. The pilots mistakenly or intentionally identifies the camera of a photographer who was with the men as a rocket propelled grenade launcher(RPG), and the US attack kills two civilian Reuters news personnel, and wounds two children. A US military man dismissed the children’s death as the fault of those who had been killed, saying , “well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle.” ………. This isn’t the sad part of this whole episode. The really sad part is, the worst worst worst thing about this episode is, is the cover-up. A war crime has definitely happened, even if the pilots only made a mistake. The pilots fired at the armed men (At least three of them were actually armed). But they have no excuse for shooting the van. The van was trying to pick up the wounded and it is illegal to fire on the wounded or the vehicles that carry them. Of course the vehicle bore no markings of a rescue vehicle. But didn’t those pilots see that it was trying to rescue the wounded? But again, the saddest thing about all this is the cover-up. Whether those US soldiers broke rules of engagement or not, this kind of incidents shouldn not happen. Those pilots should be investigated and if punishable, should be punished. Mistaking a camera for a RPG from thousands of feet is perhaps understandable. Covering-up the regrettable consequences is not. There’s no excuse for that. ASSHOLES………. The second saddest thing about this whole episode, from a Sri Lankan perspective, is that the majority of Sri Lankans have absolutely no moral right to condemn this bastardly act. Those people who support the Sri Lanka Government in protecting alleged war criminals have absolutely no right to condemn the war crimes committed by the USA or any other country for that matter. That’s what happen when you “transform” yourselves into bastards…… Now all those bastards can do is laughing at the USA and shout that we have a free pass to commit war crimes because even the Americans commit them. BASTARDS…… By the way, the fact that Wikileaks was able to release this video in a press conference held in Washington D.C. tells something.


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