wikileaks video of u.s. helicopters killing ppl/reporters in iraq + some thoughts


Sittingnut wrote “now i fully support american war against terrorism and use of military violence in the process…what i cannot stand is hypocrisy…why is sri lanka and sri lankan military accused of all sorts of war crimes in its fight against tamil tiger terrorists (with almost no credible and authentic evidence to back up the charges) while western government aren’t (even with much more solid evidence for their alleged crimes)? accusations are certainly not made on the same level…even when they are made there is a telling difference in how the accusations are framed. it is never the ‘americans’, ‘british’ etc., or their governments, who are committing ‘war crimes’ but some specific soldiers, ‘bad apples’ etc., but in accusations against sri lanka it is always ‘sri lankans’, ‘sinhalese’, ‘tamils’, and sl government, who are committing the alleged war crimes.” …. The thing is, one of the reasons for this difference in the words used is the fact that people like sittingnut protect war criminals …. Now I believe accusations aren’t made on the same level. There’s no disagreement there. But I directly accuse men like sittingnut for the way those accusations are framed against us… Sri Lankan government protect alleged war criminals and with the help of its propagandists like sittingnut, brands those who voices against war crimes as traitors… The wikileak video sittingnut wrote about, was presented at a 9.00 a.m. press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C… Can you imagine something like that happening in Sri Lanka? All the men and women who wants to attend that press conference will be dead by the day before. And with the help of propagandists like sittingnut, they will brand them all as traitors… So when a government protects war criminals, of course it gets accused of war crimes. I’m not saying racism and some other factors do not have an effect on how the accusations against us are framed. But people like sittingnut are responsible… About his so-called libertarianism, ahh. Human Rights have no part in it.


2 Responses to “wikileaks video of u.s. helicopters killing ppl/reporters in iraq + some thoughts”

  1. shittingnuts Says:

    The same way when he was writing about the LTTE suspects in Australia he can’t distinguish between three arms of the Australian state – The Federal Government (who determine foreign policy), the Federal Police and the Judicial System. He really knows nothing about how a functional state works. He’s the biggest culprit of lumping nations, institutions and people together.

    That’s the problem when all you know is read from a book and you are driven by a failed romance.

  2. lefroy Says:

    In that Australia post he also failed to mention, either intentionally or because of ignorance, that in 1994, Australia gave asylum to a Canadian Tamil whose life was threatened by the LTTE.

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