The International Conspiracy


I have hopes, both for myself and for my country. I hope for a day we can trust our elected officials not to betray us. I hope for a government which is truly of the people, by the people, for the people. So when our elected officials and dishonest propagandists speak utter nonsense about an international conspiracy in order to deceive my fellow cititzens and thereby retain their power, that makes me mad… What is a conspiracy? How do these men define it? I believe a conspiracy is a secret plan or agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive act. The key word here is “secret.” I bet if you ask those conspiracists to define a conspiracy, the word “secret” won’t be in the definition. For if there indeed is an conspiracy, and if all those conspiracy theorists (MPs, Newspaper reporters, three wheel drivers) know about it, it should happen out in the open… This conspircy theory was first developed by the leftists. They talked about a CIA conspiracy. It was people like Champika Ranawaka and the JVP that transformed it into a Western/International conspiracy. So now the whole free world is against us, as if the West has nothing else to do than trying to ruin our country… As is the case with any conspiracy theory, sometimes it gets funny. The idea that the West is in it to get at our oil reserves, Trincomalee harbour, is as funny as anything in The X-Files. These were ideas developed as a response to the question “why there’s a conspiracy against us.” Since there’s no conspiracy, and therefore no true answer to this question, they developed those ridiculous ideas… Another answer to this question is that the Tamils/Tamil Separatists have mustered vote blocks and lobby groups large enough to significantly influence Western foreign policy. That’s crazy. What about the Muslims who have much larger vote blocks and much more powerful lobby groups? Have they influenced Western foreign policies? No. Why? Is it simply because of 9/11? What about the time before 9/11? Did the West had a Muslim friendly foreign policy back then? … I am not, even for a moment, saying that the West haven’t interfered with our plans for our country. But to say there’s an worldwide conspiracy against us is both misleading and preposterous. People like Champika Ranawaka know what they do. It’s all about retaining power. The rest, simply believe it because they lack in grey matter.


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