Victor Ivan the shameless


Victor Ivan started a debate in his newspaper last month about the Sri Lankan media. The title of the article was “Is only politics uncivilised.” … In the Part Two of his article titled “Media Mafia”, he trashes the assassinated journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga. He writes “Lasantha Wickrematunga repeatedly attacked Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse not only on the MIG issue but even before that. Thinking that he should not remain silent anymore he went to Courts when article alleging irregularities in the MIG purchase was published. Lasantha never expected something like that. He did not possess evidence to prove the charges he had made against the Defence Secretary. When he realised that he has got trapped and cannot come out of it easily, he attempted to renew his ruptured friendship with his former friend President Mahinda Rajapakse. Lasantha who followed a policy of severely and mercilessly attacking media organisations that went for discussions with the President went to the extent of meeting President Rajapakse at night, and having long discussions with him. Although the President attempted to summon Gotabhaya , and call off the Court case against Lasantha, Gota was not willing to forget the sustained attacks against him. It was not only the Defence Secretary who were subjected to strong attacks by Lasantha. The Army Commander was also a person who was subjected to nasty attacks by him.” … It is obvious that the implication here is that it was the then Army Commander, General Sarath Fonseka who killed Lasantha Wickrematunga…. Victor Ivan however should answer these questions. President Rajapakse called Lasantha a “terrorist journalist” during an interview with a Reporters Without Borders representative in Colombo in October 2008, three months before Lasantha’s assassination. After Lasantha’s death, the President said Lasantha was a good friend of his. So it must be as you say, Lasantha had managed to renew his friendship with the President… Now I ask you, did Mahinda have terrorist friends (people Mahinda considers to be terrorists. I wonder how many other such friends he has and who they might be), or did he simply lie about Lasantha being a terrorist? He should be either of those, right? … So, if Mahinda’s either a liar or a “friend” of people he considers to be terrorists, why do you go on National Television attacking former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, and become a part of that liar’s/terrorist’s propaganda machinery? I am not questioning about you attacking Sarath N. Silva. I’m questioning about you doing it on Jathika Rupavahini… Say for the sake of the argument that it was Sarath Fonseka who killed Lasantha. Why have you become a part of the propaganda machine of the Government which offered him a ministry? … How does it feel to sell your soul?


5 Responses to “Victor Ivan the shameless”

  1. Raj Says:

    Well, Lasantha Wickrematunga was a twat. He used his newspaper as a rag sheet to attack other people with yellow journalism. He had no ethics and his death is certainly not a loss to Sri Lanka. Even now under Fredrica the paper openly admits to supporting Sarath Fonseka – “an editorial decision” – WTF?

  2. lefroy Says:

    @Raj.. No. Only those idiots who don’t understand that it is hypocritical to ask others to tolerate their ideas while saying Lansantha, who had a different opinion that theirs, deserved to die… Only those idiots who don’t understand that what the UPFA does to men like Lasantha, will be done to them when UNP gets power.. (btw I do tolerate you. Otherwise I’d be censoring you, like your government tries to do)

  3. Orchids Says:

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