Sittingnut you censoring son of a bitch. Is this your libertarianism?


Sittingnut, that dishonest government propagandist, that son of a miniature mediterranean dog, has censored 3 comments I made on his yellowish blog….. This so-called libertarian, who once proved himself to be non-libertarian by claiming that the government should have given one-off cash grants to all tsunami victims, wrote an article titled “a questionnaire for pro westerners in sri lanka” and had written at the end of the post “if anyone wants to honestly dispute what i say, comments below (never censored), is open to all.” ….. For the past couple of months, I refrained from posting comments on his blog because I imagined he’d censor me, for I knew better than anyone that he’s not a true libertarian. But upon reading the sentence I’ve quoted above, I decided to comment there. It was stupid. I shoul have known, for if anyone knows that this guy’s a lying son of a bitch, that’s me, considering all the lies he spread and continues to spread about me, from me being gay, from me being the gay lover of Indi, to censoring his comments. No one needs to believe me when I say he’s a lying son of a bitch. Just ask him to swear by his mother’s soul if all he said and says about me, accused and accuses me of, are true….. Yesterday (25th March) I made two comments on his blog, that were the first two comments anyone had made on that post. He published them and although didn’t answer me, made a reply, saying something about me being irrational and him being libertarian because he published my comments. There were few Anonymous goons too to applaud him….. Then I made another comment, laughing at his claim about me being irrational, and at his belief that conspiracies happen out in the open. He didn’t publish it…. After several hours, since that comment wasn’t published, I made the same comment again with minor modifications. I also made a comment ridiculing a stupid comment of an anonymous commenter. He didn’t publish those two comments either. Instead, he had published two comments of two anonymous commenters, and one comment of the self-proclaimed racist Bardo Flanks. All of them had made comments after me…. If I am lying about any of this, I challenge that lying son of a bitch, sittingnut, to swear by his mother’s soul that I’m indeed lying and that he didn’t censor me…. Is this your libertarianism sittingnut? A-HOLE.


2 Responses to “Sittingnut you censoring son of a bitch. Is this your libertarianism?”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Oh cut the crap shitnut. Just SWEAR by your mother’s soul if you did not censor my comment. SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR….. btw I censored the shit part of your comment. As I have already said publicly, I’m not going to allow you shit on my blog. Not anymore.

  2. lefroy Says:


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