Mahinda the Cigerrette Smoking Man


Cigerrette Smoking man (a.k.a Cancer Man, CSM, Old Smoky) needs no introduction. He appears to be the nemesis of Fox Mulder the truth-seeker. Old Smoky kills, bribes, threatens, kidnaps, suppresses truth, and to top it all, believes what he does is right. Of course, that’s why anybody does anything… To any ardent fan of The X-Files, I think it’s quite clear that the Smoking Man is fighting alien colonists in his own way. The Consortium of which he’s part of, actually worked against the grey aliens in the beginning, but finally gave up and tried to save their own lives and of their families (only to get killed by shape shifting aliens). But the Cigerrette Smoking Man never gave up the fight. He does what others won’t do. Mulder’s goal to expose everything is an obstacle for him. But for not very clear reasons, he protects Mulder, perhaps so he can prove to Mulder, and assure himself, that what he’s doing, not the righteous crusade of Mulder’s, is right… I believe Mahinda thinks the way CSM does. Clearly, Mahinda isn’t just a big despot (he is a despot), he also has plans for this country. He has a utopia in his mind, which is a Dystopia for democrats. He does what he has to do reach there. He fights the fight in his own way… Once CSM was about to shot Frohike dead, and the decides against it. He says to himself “I can kill you [Frohike] anytime I like. But not tonight.” He’s so powerful that he feels it’s pointless to kill someone who’s a threat to him. Similarly, Mahinda’s government doesn’t anymore feel like it has to protect itself from the local press. Ask Laxman Hulugalle about that… There are differences between CSM and Mahinda though. CSM can quote Aeschylus by heart. I don’t think Mahinda can. CSM writes history, invents future, but doesn’t want to be acknowledged. Mahinda does. But he’s still the Cigerrette Smoking Man.


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