Sittingnut the Guardian of Buddhism


Sittingnut has, as I have already proven, betrayed all libertarian principles if he ever was a libertarian. The truth is that he was always only a dishonest propagandist of this authoritarian government full of sinhala-buddhist lunatics. This ridiculous Akon Drama tells it all. MTV/MBC building was attacked. What do you expect a true libertarian to do? Unreservedly condemn the attack, right? It is against everything a libertarian believes in. Freedom of Expression is in the heart of libertarianism.

What does the Lanka Libertarian do? He writes “iow , imo all this looks like a cheap publicity stunt.” Does anyone believe that it was a publicity stunt by MTV? MTV that has been attacked multiple times in the past? Does Sittingnut really think that the MTV would do something risky as this after all that? Sittingnut doesn’t believe. He just says. He’s just a propagandist.

He also wrote “even though 99.99%+ sri lankans don’t know and care about him [Akon] there is supposedly some ‘vast movement’ (consisting of a fell-from-the-sky facebook group of few ppl) objecting and protesting against him, bc akon has supposedly insulted buddhism.” What does he (sittingnut) have to say about government denying Akon visa? It is true that there never was a “vast movement” objecting and protesting against Akon. But there was a violent protest and this sinhala-buddhist lunatic government used it as an excuse to deny visa to the insignificant singer. So far the so-called libertarian hasn’t condemned this denying of visa either.

He wrote “stones were in fact thrown at offices of media group promoting the moron, by ppl who definitely did not look like they were practicing buddhists but looked more like few jobless idiots hired to throw stones.” This dishonest government propagandist would even say those who fought against the Muslims in the Crusades weren’t practising Christians and that they looked more like few jobless idiots hired to occupy a piece of desert if his masters told him to say so.

He wrote “will i get attacked through second hand blogs for pointing out who is helping out in cheap publicity stunts? lol”

He knows.

I wonder what he wrote about the assholish ban on The Da Vinci Code. Gotta find that post.


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