Religion the Enemy of Free Speech


Who dares not speak his free thoughts is a slave.

I believe the above was written by Euripides, the great tragedian of classical Athens. The key word here is “slave”, for religion’s goal is to make every man and woman and child its slave. What makes people believe in relgion? Fear. It is the fear of being born in hell after death that makes us believe in religion. Here, hell simply means anywhere that is not good to live. All religions have a hell to put all the non-believes and those who breaks its rules once they die. Fear is our motivation to believe in religion. That is why we become slaves of relgion.

Free speech is against relgion. If people are allowed to say whatever they like, that will allow them to think and believe in whatever they like and make others think and believe in different ways and that would most definitely harmful to religion that wants to make everyone a slave. That is why every relgion – Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hindusim et cetera – are inherently against secular values such as freedom of speech.

Slaves of religion, just like all other slaves, are virtually incapable of thinking. Of course some publications, some movies, some songs can be a threat to the religion they believe in. But in this Akon case, a little bit of thinking would make them realise that Akon (who is a moronic, insignificant singer) can do nothing against buddhism that actually matters. They just can’t think.

Even if Akon is truly capable of converting believers of buddhism into non-believers (he isn’t), that gives them no right to protest violently and attack a media station with stones. They do have a right to protest, but they must do so peacefully.

I think Akon’s video was too offensive and he shouldn’t have done it. I think that using-Buddha’s-penis-to-switch-on-the-light-bulb scene in the movie “Juno” was too offensive and they shouldn’t have done it. But I believe they have the right to do so. It’s a matter of Free Speech. The same can be said about the Da Vinci Code book and the movie.

Killing free speech – attacking media staions, banning books and movies, killing journalists – are heinous acts, for they hearken back to Nazi book burnings, issuing a Fatwa against Rushdie, Catholic inquisitions, to Athanasius issuing an Easter letter demanding to burn unacceptable writings in AD 367, those pre-civilised times.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is freedom of speech.”
Greek philosopher


2 Responses to “Religion the Enemy of Free Speech”

  1. TimesEye Says:

    Even with all religions imposing fear of GOD and Hell on people, there are wide spread crimes in this world, Can you imagine what would happen to this world if there were no religions??? We need some brainwashing too.

    • lefroy Says:

      I don’t agree. If religion was first created to stop people from killing one another, then that means the idea that killing one another is bad, and the need to prevent people from doing so, was there before the creation of religion. What religion has done is making people kill one another in the name of religion.

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