Bowing down to terrorist fucks.


Sri Lanka government has rejected visa for Akon. Why? A bunch of religious fundamentalist terrorists threatenes to kill the insignificant singer, and attacked the MTV/MBC building with stones. And yes, they are terrorists. They use terror as a weapon. So what else you call them? … This is worse than appeasing Tiger terrorists, for they even had a small Navy and an emerging Air Force. But bowing down to this bunch of buddhist lunatics who firmly believe there’s an international conspiracy against buddhism and Sri Lanka, is just ridiculous… But of course, it isn’t the government that is bowing down. If they wanted Akon to come, he will come. The threat to the life of the president was always much higher during the war time than the threat to the life of Akon. Our military knows how to give protection. But the government consists of countless number of villains and terrorists who don’t believe they are villains and terrorists. They believe what they’re doing is right. It is they who protested violently, then used it as an excuse to deny Akon visa… So who’re bowing down to terrorism? We the democrats are. It’s embarrassing as well as heartbreaking… President Mahinda Rajapakse told the Strait Times in an interview about how he wants to be remembered. Don’t know much about that. But I will remember him for who he is.


3 Responses to “Bowing down to terrorist fucks.”

  1. Acromantula Says:

    this is exactly how a democracy should behave.. just because some street urchins hired by Sirasa threw rocks it’s no reason to brand all the other pepole who protested as lunatics also. It’s almost like saying All Tamils are terrorist because LTTE happens to be all Tamil

  2. lefroy Says:

    I don’t think I’ve said all buddhists are lunatics. I said the government, which is made of a countless number of villainous, buddhist lunatics, used the violent protests of terrorist buddhist lunatics as an excuse to deny Akon visa. Since the government represent the people in principle, for us it is like bowing down to terrorists, both within and out of the government… Moderate buddhists (buddhists who don’t want to kill Akon, did not join the kill Akon facebook group, and didn’t throw stones at MTV) have done nothing wrong. They have every right to continue protesting peacefully… The government however has done something terribly wrong by denying visa for Akon. Their decision is against freedom of expression.

  3. Bardo Flanks Says:

    I don’t think Akon should have been banned. He clearly didn’t intend to offend Buddhists.

    As for Sirasa, I don’t like them and I’m not sad that they got attacked.

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