Mervin the true Buddhist and Indi the Carlo Buddhist


Religion is the philosophy of the people. Is Buddhism a religion? Yes, for it believes in a specific theology, promises salvation, and converts non-believers. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that threads, flags and loud ceremonies are integral aspects of Buddhism, not unlike eating bread and drinking wine are integral parts of Christianity….. Indi is the perfect Carlo-Buddhist – someone who believes Buddhism the way Prof. Carlo Fonseka does. Carlo-Buddhists are under the delusion that Buddhism is scientific, and they try to practice Buddhism scientifically. They try to rationalise everything, try to rationally interpret Buddhist teachings, exclude parts of the religion that they deem superficial. This is of course ridiculous, for there’s nothing scientific or rational about religion. Of course it becomes rational if you irrationally begin to believe reincarnation and karma. Obviously that doesn’t make Buddhism rational, does it? … If reasoning can lead us to the truth Buddhism claims to be able to lead us to, then we don’t need Buddhism at all. So the truth it talks about must be beyond reason. Frankly I think that’s a lot of crap. How many enlightened people have you seen? I assume none. Why? There’s no such thing as Nirvana. Even if there is a such thing, then that must be totally unattainable….. So I think, Mervyn, Indi and Carlo Fonseka are all good Buddhists for they all believe Buddhism (even though in two different ways) and have an equal chance of attaining Nirvana. All three have a 0% chance to attain Nirvana. Of the three, I like Mervyn the most, for he’s a true Buddhist and doesn’t pretend to believe in anything other than the Buddhism we know. Through this Akon (an insignificant artist who won’t be remembered by anyone) drama, he has shown us the true face of Buddhism, and of religion as a whole too. Religion is always the greatest threat to democracy.


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