Into the mind of a sittingnut, the heart of darkness.


Is it us, the society that creates these men, or were they born as the spawns of the devil himself, for they are capable of such evil deeds we prefer not to know of. Nothing can seem foul to these men of darkness.

What place do they hold in the history of biological evolution? Can their emergence be even explained by known scientific theories? Can they be explained by modern science at all? I believe they can, for nothing contradicts nature.

Yet as one of those who looked at the face of evil, was tortured by it’s blog of untruth, was a victim of its masturbating fantasies, I wonder whether mother nature herself is scared of his evil. No amount of courage and vigil will protect one from him….. Mother plays a big part in the life of a serial killer. Same applies to a humanoid like sittingnut, which is why he continuously refuses to swear by his mother’s soul that any of the damned lies he tells about me and my blog are true. It has never ceased to amaze me that even in a devil like him, the Oedipal desire to sexually possess his mother is covered with a veneer of love. Is it his Oedipal rage that works against me? In that case I can arrange a DNA test to prove I am not the biological father of his.

But he is most definitely not human, for only a spawn of the devil can tell the lies he tells. Only a pure evil soul, not a human soul with a hint of evil, can attack men like timeseye. He is a devil with the insticts and the desires of a canine.

He is satan. How else can I explain him copying a comment java jones made on my blog and pasting it on his blog of evil? Tell me, for I am clueless.

I wonder what will come up to his mind seconds before he dies oneday of autoerotic asphyxiation. The faces of the men whose lives he destroyed? Faces of the women he desires who are unattainable to him, whose lives he intends to taketh away? Or will he simply say ‘behold I shall live forevermore? Yes. Yes. That will be the case, for he can’t die. He is the devil.

Oh my dear box of chocolates Forrest Gump loved. Will he eat all the chocolates and leave me with an empty paper box? Will I get another cheap box of chocolates as a thoughtless gift of nature?

He who is referred to as Satan, devil, lucifer, sittingnut, knows me by my Christian name. I am cursed. I am doomed. But behold, I shall live again.


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