Sittingnut reduced to online thuggery.


Sittingnut, for the lack of a better way to phrase it, is pissed off at me. I have exposed him. I have proven how dishonest this government propagandist is. I have also shown that he, who pretends to be a libertarian, knows nothing about libertarianism. So now he’s pissed… He kept on falsely accusing me of various things that he deems to be wrong, from being homosexual to whatever comes up to his mind while he’s taking a dump. I’ve challenged him repeatedly to swear by his mother’s soul if anything he accuses me of is true. So far he has failed to do so… He knows I’ve screwed him. Yes. I’m good at screwing nuts. So now he’s reduced to threatening and going after those who make comments on my blog. Ask timeseye about it… This is online thuggery at work. Just like his masters, this butt-licking government propagandist threatens and intimidates people while lying and distorting facts… I have no intention of protecting those who comment on my blog. If you’re afraid of sittingnut and other government assholes like him, do not comment. If you’re afraid and yet really want to comment, make anonymous comments. If you have balls to stand up against these government thugs, please comment here and expose these people on your own blogs. Ultimately it’s a matter of balls… Meanwhile, I will continue my crusade against this thug.


2 Responses to “Sittingnut reduced to online thuggery.”

  1. javajones Says:

    Once a twat always a twat. Twat more can one expect??

  2. javajones Says:

    Looks like Snut has ‘copied and pasted’ my ‘twat’ comment on his own post. Wonder why??!!

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