Military Tribunal + Corrupt Judges + Fonseka + Rajapakse Democracy


This thing’s getting uglier by the day. It turns out that the 3 judges appointed to this military tribunal are unsuitable for the job… Maj. Gen. H.L. Weeratunga is the brother-in-law of the present army commander (a man whn has plenty of reason to hate Fonseka), Maj. Gen. D.R.B. Jayatillake has once been demoted by Fonseka for an offence, and that Maj. Gen. A.L.R. Wejetunga has been found guilty of an illegal tender dealing… Also all three of them only have 3 stars while Fonseka has 4. Military law requires the judges to be either equal or superior in rank to Fonseka. Apparently they weren’t able to find three like that… Basically, this thing stinks. Don’t expect justice from these people.


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