un secretary general ban ki moon’s latest attempted interference in sri lanka – a reply to sittingnut


In fact this is not a reply to sittingnut, who has every reason to call himself “Mawbime Panchayudaya.” This is rather about preventing liberal bloggers from saying things that they don’t want to say. I have to do this since sittingnut, staying true to the great tradition of his masters like Wimal Weerawansha and Patali Champika Ranawaka, has already openly threatened all those who intend to dissent or to stay silent, and has branded them as despicable, hypocritical, slaves of the west… I don’t know whether or not Ban Ki Moon exceeded his legal mandate in setting up this panel the nut talks about. But that’s not the real issue here and nut’s article is a deliberate attempt to divert our attention away from the real issue… So what is the real issue? The real issue here is whether or not those Human Rights violations and war crimes really happened, and if they did happen, whether or not the perpetrators should be punished. As a liberal, I believe that there should be probes into human rights violations and into those alleged war crimes, and if they indeed happened, the perpetrators should be appropriately punished. I don’t want to live amongst human rights violators. I don’t want a war criminal to be my neighbour… Sittingnut, as I have proven, is not a libertarian (He wants the government to give one-off cash grants to people). He’s also a dishonest government propagandist. If he isn’t, he would’ve realised that the real issue here is not what Ban ki Moon does or doesn’t do, but those extrajudicial killings and disappearances, those arbitrary arrests and detentions, those killings, kidnappings and harrassment of journalists critical of the government. How can a true libertarian be silent about all that and talk about a Ban ki Moon unless he’s not a true libertarian? … Liberals, don’t be intimidated by this dishonest government propagandist who pretends to be a libertarian. Stand up for what you believe to be right. If there are war criminals, if there are human rights violators, they should be punished for the crimes they committed.


2 Responses to “un secretary general ban ki moon’s latest attempted interference in sri lanka – a reply to sittingnut”

  1. Not Nuts Says:

    Nut is a mooncalf. Nobody takes him seriously. Don’t worry.

  2. amor Says:

    its nuts like sitting nut that has made sri lanka the mess it is in now

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