sittingnut the propagandist


I’ve written countless number of articles detailing why I believe sittingnut is a dishonest government propagandist and not a true libertarian. In this article I will do it again. I will do it again and again and again until it becomes common knowledge (do a little bit of google searching)… His article “sarath fonseka supporters incite and welcome violence” (do a simple google search) is testimony to everything I said. So obsessed this dishonest government propagandist was on attacking Sarath Fonseka and his supporters, that as soon as he heard there was violence in a Free-Sarath-Fonseka rally, he claimed it was incited by them. This of course was an outrageous lie, proven by the Daily Mirror article to which a commenter there provided a link. Sittingnut kept on saying that the said article didn’t contradict his claim, which was ridiculous because he couldn’t reason how that article didn’t contradict his claim when its first 2, 3 paragraphs said it all. Now, even government ministers like Mahindananda Aluthgamage doesn’t deny that it was they (the government thugs) who incited violence and not the Sarath Fonseka supporters. This dishonest propagandist does… In that post he also claimed that the allegations that Sarath Fonseka was physically abused during his arrest were false. I asked him to support his claim with facts and evidence. Since he couldn’t, he kept on saying that he doesn’t have to support his claim. It seems that he doesn’t understand logic at all. Even stormcrow, who makes fantastic assumptions before he tries to make logical arguments, can understand this. The burden of proof is always on the one who makes a claim. If the nut makes a claim, he should support it with facts and evidence. Since he’s a dishonest propagandist making a dishonest claim, he couldn’t do that… I’ve argued that he’s not a true libertarian. He hasn’t written any pro-libertarian articles in the last few months. He has not written anti-libertarian articles either. But that doesn’t make him libertarian. As he has once written “any interpretation requires us to ignore inconvenient facts.” So there… He has also said that the government should’ve given one-off cash grants to all tsunami victims with no strings attached. Can anyone explain how a libertarian can say that? What’s next? He’ll want the government to give cash grants to all the beggers as well. That’s quite libertarian I see


2 Responses to “sittingnut the propagandist”

  1. Suresh Says:

    Snut is a total bullshitter! He has gone all anti-NGO and pro GOSL afetr being laughed at for hitting on some NGO chicks he used to hang out with…

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