Attack blogs, naked pics, fake comments, online thuggery, and an uncut penis


The blogger known to kottu fans as the guy who offered his flowery anus to a certain female blogger and was slapped by her feminine hand, continues to attack me, accusing me of sodomy, dishonesty, homosexuality, and everything else that he considers to be bad. All his accusations are, of course, false and baseless… It all began when he falsely accused me of being homosexual, and being the homosexual partner of Indi Saramarajiva. Even though I have nothing against homosexuals, I find it offensive if someone falsely accuses me of being homosexual, and being the homosexual partner of someone that he dislikes. This alone wasn’t enough to make me angry. But he kept on accusing me of various other things. All the accusations were, of course, baseless. I still was not angry… Then he started what I call as “shitting” on my blog. What he did was that he repeatedly posted the same shit-comment everywhere on my blog. He had included dozens of false accusations against me in this shit-comment and had challenged me to answer them. In response, I challenged him to swear by his mother’s soul that any of those accusations were true. Over time, he created two other similar shit-comments and kept on posting those three shit-comments under every article I wrote. I kept on challenging him to swear by his mother’s soul that any of those accusations were true. Now, it’s been nearly three months since this started and so far he has NOT sworn that any of the accusations were true. I believe that tells something… Contrary to what he claims, I had censored only one comment of his. It was the very first shit-comment he made under an article that had nothing do with him, nor with the authoritarian government that he admires. The article was about the nature of the Holy Grail. So I censored that comment, saying it was irrelavent. He accused me of censorship and re-posted the same shit-comment and continued to shit on my blog. Since then, until less than two weeks ago, I’ve never censored any comment (there were only shit-comments) he made on my blog. I challenge him to swear by his mother’s soul if I’m lying about this. This must be the millionth time I do that… My policy of not censoring him ended less than two weeks ago. I had hoped that he’d stop making shit-comments on my blog and yet he didn’t. I was tired of that shit so I permanently censored him off. Now he isn’t allowed to shit here, and this prompted him to attack me on his blog. He calls me Indi’s suckerboy, just like he did on my blog. Now whose blog is the attack blog? … I, of course, used my blog to attack him. I did it so well that finally I did something that was anatomically impossible. As a result of what I did, he gave birth to a blogger who is now well known for his uncut penis and “investigative blogging” based on “facts and evidence.” The flowery-anus admired him today on his blog… The flowery-anus has also published a photograph of a naked male on his blog, saying that I published it on my blog claiming that it was him. I challenge him to swear by his mother’s soul that the guy in that photograph isn’t he himself. In case he chooses to swear about this (he has said that he thinks nothing’s greater than self. If he hasn’t said this, swear. I don’t want to waste my time trying to find the link), I ask him why hasn’t he sworn to prove the truthfulness of any of his other claims even though I challenged him to do so again and again? … He also tried to post fake comments on my blog as “Rohan Samarajiva”. I’m not sure about this since his IP address isn’t static. But I believe that is the case looking at the Dynamic IP pool he comes from. I challenge him to swear by his mother’s soul if he didn’t post those fake comments. (BTW, the comment to which Chavie repied wasn’t made by him. I had the decency to write there that the “above comment wasn’t made by ……”) … I think it is clear who’s guilty of online thuggery. In his today’s post he has written “I will consider any blogger who makes any authentic appreciative comment there as approving the attack tactics used in that blog.” I believe I don’t have to explain what ‘consider’ means in this context… He is a dishonest government propagandist who lies, distorts, threats, shits and pretends to be a libertarian. (what kind of a libertarian says the government should’ve given one-off cash grants to all tsunami victims? What’s next? Donating money to all the sick people?). No matter what he does or how much he tries, I will continue to expose him. I don’t like assholes…. P.S. Why doesn’t he get uncut to investigate the possibility of all the people who calls him an asshole being the same person who poses as three dozen different bloggers?


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