Punish The War Criminals.


Ends do not justify the means. The reason for this is that even for the most noble end, using of unacceptable means gives these means a life of their own… We had to war. We had to kill. Finally we won. But if war crimes took place in the process, if indeed Sri Lankan military masscred as many as 40,000 Tamil civilians in the final battle against the tiger terrorists as former United Nations spokesman in Sri Lanka Gordon Weiss claims, and if it was avoidable in any way, there should be probes into war crimes, there should be war crimes tribunals, and those who’re proven to have committed war crimes should be appropriately punished… I myself had doubts about this. I was afraid that if those alleged war crimes really took place, and if they were exposed, it could tarnish the image of this country and ultimately hurt us all. I was wrong… Now I realise that it’s always better to stick with core-liberal principles. Ends do not justify the means. What should be venerated is the rule of law, moral and ethical codes that apply to all citizens, not the army or the soldiers. Not doing so is absolutely disastrous to a country… I believe some ten years ago, the majority of people would’ve supported probes into war crimes. But now they don’t. This is not because they venerate the soldiers. They don’t do that anymore. It took a Sarath Fonseka to make the government and its propagandists like sittingnut to understand the danger of making the people venerate the soldiers and the army. But still people don’t want anything bad to happen to those brave soldiers who liberated the country. Also, unlike in the Chandrika-era, these days even the top governmental officials and government politicians are involved in the alleged war crimes. This is why people don’t want the war criminals to be punished. People, as usual, are wrong… It doesn’t matter whether someone was a soldier or not. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a patriot or not. It simply doesn’t matter who he is or was. What does matter is whether he committed a crime or not. If he committed a crime, he should be punished. If this doesn’t happen in a country, it would ruin the country… There’s a myth that punishing the war criminals would tarnish the image of the country. But the truth is that it’s protecting the war criminals that tarnishes the image of the country. What kind of country protects war criminals? What kind of country kills 40,000 civilians and not punish those who did that?… Not punishing those who committed war crimes would ultimately hurt the country. Think about it. Do we get a sacred right to devalue human life simply because terrorists did the same? What’s the difference between that and SLFP saying that they have a right to kill the UNPers simply because they killed some of them when they had the power? I believe I don’t need to elaborate on how hurtful this kind of an attitude can be… So find the war crimes, and punish the war criminals if there are any. Don’t kill the conscience of the country and then ruin it by not doing so. It is worse that sending drug dealing rapists to the parliament.


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