Sittingnut the Absurd Man


First I thought this guy was a Roman Catholic, then a Nihilist (not only because of the obvious reasons). But now I know he’s an Absurdist. He reads and admires Albert Camus… He’s an Absurd Man (in a good way) who has accepted the absurd. Although that crazy guy named Kierkegaard thinks it is demoniac madness, I think it is much better than believing in any religion because religion is for the dumb… But sittingnut is too dumb to even believe in a religion. Because he’s so dumb, and has never properly read the Kalama Sutra, he thinks that Buddhism pretends to be rational… Only a dumb Nut like ShitNut can think this way. ShitNut goes on to say, at least Christianity doesn’t deceive people by pretending to be rational. If one can irrationaly believe in god, everything else is possible. So bending facts to fit into their stupid belief is justified… Doesn’t the Nut know that Buddhism isn’t much different. Buddhism requires us to irrationaly believe in the Karmic Principle and the Samsara. If you believe that, if you can take that leap of faith, everything that follows is logical and consistent… The difference between Christianity and Buddhism is that once you take that initial leap of faith, Christianity wants us to reject Darwinism, virtually every other scientific knowledge, and bend facts, while Buddhism wants us to do none of that. Buddhism doesn’t think science leads to an ultimate truth and that science can prove Buddhism (even though some stupid monks do). It is confident that science will never be able to challenge it. According to Buddha, Buddhism is the only science (vidya) and everything else (including the knowledge that was built upon Boyle and Descartes) are just bullshit. ShitNut doesn’t know this. Nut… Buddha never that pretended Buddhism is rational. For goodness’s sake just read the Kalama Sutra. Buddha specifically tells us to believe in what the wise praise. Is that scientific? Is that even rational? Buddha knew he was teaching religion, not science. He never pretended it was something more than a religion which doesn’t need that leap of faith. The Absurd Nut doesn’t know this.


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