Hashan Tilakaratne’s house searched without a search warrant


UNP politician Hashan Tilakaratne was questioned and his house was searched by the police in connection with investigations against Sarath Fonseka. The problem is, they didn’t have a search warrant to search his house… The police says that they had information that Hashan Tilakaratne was harbouring the fugitive Danuna Tilakaratne in a house in Piliyandala. So they searched his house but Danuna wasn’t found there. Later, Hashan came on his own and his statement was recorded… According to the police, they didn’t need a search warrant because they already had an arrest warrant against Danuna… Since when this became law? So the police can search any third party’s property without a search warrant if they have “information” that someone who already has an arrest warrant against him/her is hiding there? I don’t know whether the police is breaking the law or whether it is possible under the ER Act. If latter is the case, it is one of the many occasions in the past few months the government has used the law as a weapon… My dear subjects. Go fuck yourselves.


2 Responses to “Hashan Tilakaratne’s house searched without a search warrant”

  1. Dee Says:

    fuck the SL police.

  2. Sean Says:

    Unfortunately… they don’t need warrants under the Emergency Regs.

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