Why should we vote UPFA?


I’m not going to vote UPFA, but Taprobane Uncut is. I’ve been studying him and found few reasons to vote UPFA if you really want to……. First, the leader of the UPFA is Mahinda Rajapakse. According to T. Uncut, he has a great physique. What he means is that the love of a blue-blood for Mahinda Rajapakse, is sexual, for they are all seduced by him. If you have such a sexual love for Mahinda, vote UPFA…… Secondly, president Rajapakse has recently been given a mandate to be the president for another 7 long years. He needs a conducive parliament to get rid of jobless NGO crooks who talk nonstop about Human Rights, Media Freedom, Transparency and so on, so Mahinda and his boys, and their thousands of goons, can protect Human Rights, establish Media Freedom, put an end to corruption, put an end to nepotism, and make this country a true “Dharmarajjya.” If you want to live in a Dharmarajjya, vote UPFA…….. Thirdly, now that the war is over, we need to concentrate on developing this free country both socially and economically. To do that we need brilliant, visionary parliamentarians like Mervyn Silva, Sanath Jayasuriya, and Susanthika Jayasingha. Nishantha Mutuhettigama and Sarana Gunawardena would come in handy as well. If you want this country to develop, vote UPFA…….. Finally, we need to build a lot of public toilets. Only a UPFA government can really do that. If you want more public toilets, vote UPFA.


3 Responses to “Why should we vote UPFA?”

  1. I know Says:

    Actually this Taprobane Uncut Cunt is Shitting nut’s gay lover i think. They both are paid bloggers i think. Did you notice the similarity between their blogs and the stance they take on everything is 100% similar? Gay buggers for sure.

  2. Hey Lefroy… thanks for this post. Glad to have inspired you, if that’s the word !

    Anyway, My point was that Mahinda deserves a supportive parliament now that he’s going to be there for another 7 or more years. He’s the president, and you may as well have a parliament that supports him so he may concentrate on what’s best for the country than having to worry about elections and opposition every quarter.

    Either you have full power or No power, like you can’t have a president without a supportive parliament. Its just insane. Better equip him with all what’s required for the job. That was my point. Hope i have made it clear.

    Feel free to comment on my blog if and when you feel motivated. I don’t censor comments, So you’re welcome there. But give me 24 hours as i don’t always spend time online.

    @ I Know,
    Yeah buddy… I wish I was a paid blogger 🙂 And a Gay too.. Sadly I am neither ! Vot tooo dooo, nah ? Any idea how i can become a gay and get paid too ? 🙂

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