This Asshole Censored Me


This asshole named Jamie, posted an article headed “Love is a source of making profits – Scientifically proved” on his blog “It’s all about life” (Not gonna promote the asshole by providing a link to his dumb blog here), has not published the comment I made there 3 days ago…. In that article he had written that there is no such thing as love, and that all there exists is the need to reproduce… In my comment which he censored I asked him “What about lesbians? I can’t see how they can reproduce by fingering each other”…. This asshole hasn’t published it. Was it because he couldn’t counter that (I didn’t even want him to counter that), or was it because my comment was profane? Either way, he has the right to do whatever he likes to do with his own stupid blog. If he wants, he can even fix a vagina to his blog and reproduce with it. The offspring would look like Sittingnut. But I have the right to say this. “SCREW YOU JAMIE.”


4 Responses to “This Asshole Censored Me”

  1. lefroy Says:


  2. Just Curious Says:

    The sexual tension between you two is overwhelming. When are you going to fuck and who’s going to be the bitch?

  3. Jamie Says:

    I have approved your comment 😛

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