The Hypocricy of Rajiva Wijesinha


Few days ago, Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha wrote an article for transCurrents titled “The permanent prejudices of the establishment: Twenty years after Richard de Zoysa.” In this article he writes, “the methods used during that period to rid the country of what was seen as terror are now all forgotten. This is not only because they occurred two decades and more ago, and our memories are incredibly short. No, it was because the perpetrators of terror in those days are now part of the establishment, and therefore any misdemeanours on their part are naturally skated over” …….. On this I totally agree with him. What he’s saying is completely correct……. But what I can’t believe is the nerve of this man to write such a hypocritical article like this…….. Wijesinha passionately writes about his friendship with Richard, how the two of them courageously fought against the murderous, authoritarian UNP government, and sheds tears for his murdered friend and colleague. Does he really expect us to believe that those tears are real? Does he really think that we won’t think that those tears are just crocodile tears? The kind of tears Wimal Weerawansha sheds for Wijeweera these days?……… Even in this article he writes “we have gone a long way towards improving the situation, but we need to go further.” I ask you, who but a dishonest government propagandist like Rajiva Wijesinha could say something like that? What about Lasantha Wickramatunga who was gunned down in broad daylight? What about the ten other journalists who were murdered in the last few years? What about Pradeep Ekneligoda who’s still gone missing? What about Poddala Jayantha whose legs were broken? Of course these journalist weren’t unbiased. They had their agendas. But so did Richard de Zoysa. And in this country, you have a right to be biased. Well it seems to me, this government Prof. Wijesinha so proudly represents, has worked so hard in the last couple of years to “improve the situation.” Good work professor…….. I ask you, what kind of a man but a hypocrite would shed tears for a man who was murdered, while representing and defending a similar regime which murdered that man? One commenter who called himself Suresh had written, “I think Richard de Zoysa would be turning in his grave at the thought of Rajiva Wijesinha using his memory as a front to whitewash and promote the present regime.” ………. Rajiva is not the only one who has sold his soul. There are many others, such as Wimal Weerawansha and Dayan Jayatillake. People should know that these men, these shameless, dishonest, government propagandists, who’ve sold their souls for money, status, and power, could never be trusted. They’ll say whatever this government wants them to say. They have a right to do so. But don’t let them ruin your country. Don’t let them ruin your future……. visit


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