Hi! My Name is Sittingnut


My name is Sittingnut. I’m the guy who licks our beloved president’s royal ass every weekend. I’m also the guy who tells Rhythmic Diaspora what flavour of Ice Cream he should lick off of other people’s arses… When I’m bored, I usually cut off my pubic hair. I like the itching it gives me afterwards. Don’t take me wrong. I’m not a fetishist… No matter what that indi.padashow might tell you, I’m very conscious of my personal hygiene. I mean, I even wash my penis, twice every three months. Well, of course, you may ask why don’t I wash it everyday. There are two reasons for this. One, I’m not like other people. I’m unique. Two, it’s really painful to even look at my dick. It’s so short, I mean really really short that I can even pee on my own balls… You know, I really hate that lewfroy guy. I mean, okay, so I believe a rapist himself can be an eyewitness in the lawsuit against him to prove the rape never happened. So what? I’m a pinhead. But why does he have to make it public? Why does he have to wag his cock like as if, as if he’s the only one with a dick? He’s being insensitive. He wags his dick. I can’t do it because mine’s too short. I can wag my tail of course. But it’s always sore because I wag it all the time whenever I’m near our beloved president… Lewfroy’s defending his lover and promoter indi.padashow with unverifiable claims. No matter what he or indi.padashow may say, that padashow comment was made by indi.padashow. Lewfroy says it is me who made that comment. Ha ha. Crazy fool. He thinks even other people could see the IP addresses of the people who comment on his blog. Ha ha. He can’t prove anything, ha ha, just like he can’t prove that I don’t have a no penis.


One Response to “Hi! My Name is Sittingnut”

  1. chalaka Says:

    are you a teenager?

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