Lankanosphere Awards and Self-Important Sri Lankan Bloggers


I write this because I have nothing else to write and because I have nothing else to do right now other than writing or calling my ex-girlfriend… I’m new to Kottu so it’s less than two months ago I learnt about Rhythmic Diaspora and his Lankanoshere Awards. As many have pointed out (including the dishonest government propagandist named Sittingnut who thinks that a rapist’s lawyer can use the rapist himself as an eyewitness to prove the rape never happened), it is most definitely an ass-licking blog. But what’s interesting is the number of people who like to get their asses licked… For all his faults, I don’t think nut’s one of them. But there are many who wants to get their asses licked. Taprobane Uncut was so pissed that his ass wasn’t licked that he metaphorically cut Diaspora’s dick. Go fukk a whale Taprobane… Most bloggers it seems, are self-important and self-centred. If two bloggers meet each other, all they’d talk about would be blogs, blogging and bloggers. Most of the questions will be personal… If Electra meets Sittingnut, she’d ask, “sittingnut, why can’t you read between lines?” Sittingnut would reply, “But I can read between your legs, you 3rd generation NGO parasite”… If I meet sittingnut, the first thing I’d say is, “sittingnut, let me take my tiny little cell phone that I stuck up in your ass 3 months ago”… If Taprobane Uncut meets Indi he’d ask, “so Indi, do you always meditate after fukking a whale?” … RD knows about blogs, and even more about bloggers. Every blogger wants to be read, and RD has found the perfect way. He writes about blogs and bloggers, so bloggers, being so self-important, self-righteous and self-centred as RD has correctly understood, reads his blog. So what’s actually happening isn’t RD licking other bloggers’ asses, but other bloggers licking his ass. They do it not because they love to pleasure a post-divorce man, but because they are genuine ass lickers. Buwah hah hah.


8 Responses to “Lankanosphere Awards and Self-Important Sri Lankan Bloggers”

  1. RD's Ex Says:

    Oh come on lefroy. Get over it. RD’s a loser, and a professional one at that, which is why i kicked him out. Now this man goes and talks about his post divorce life online. Sigh. Just pathetic, no?

    Trust me, he’s not the kind of man you’d want to meet in life. Take it from me.

  2. lefroy Says:


  3. lefroy Says:


  4. Riza Jazeel Says:

    Actually RD is a great ass licker. Just give yours and see. He’ll come back for more. He’s got such talent in licking other people’s disgusting butt holes.

  5. Don't do this to RD Says:

    @lefroy. You are just mad cuz he didn’t lick your stinking ass. You aren’t much different from Taprobane or Snut

  6. RD's Mom Says:

    My son is a wannabe writer. Since he couldn’t find a publisher who’d be willing to suicide with him, my son apparently had to settle for this self publishing thing. You call it blog or whatever. But its just a way for him to live his dreams. Yes its a nightmare for the rest of us readers, but then this chap wouldn’t listen. He’s hell bent on proving his writing skills. He even went for that GLF thing last year. Can you believe this? Such is his passion for writing, art, literature and all things writing. Thanks to Kottu and all the jokers around he’s still bogging. My son is a cool dude, in fact I am trying to find a publisher for him so the rest of the blogosphere can be saved. BTW, you know any book publisher willing to give a shot? Sample work can be found at my son’s bog at

    Publisher can have 100% royalty with him. Like i said, its just passion for my son. This passion has also extended to his ass kissing. Such is the irony of my divorced son. Help us find a publisher for him.

  7. Padashow Says:

    Actually i heard Taprobane Uncut and Shitting Nuts are Gay pals. If you see their blogs, they are both gov’t paid bloggers like Voice in Colombo and Lanka Rising. I think Taprobane and Shitty Nutty are sharing the same room or something. But i know they are both good friends.

    • And ?

      YAWN… !

      Indi Padashow Samarajiva is a bigger loser than i initially thought he was. Are you drunk, Indi? Please don’t use same WordPress for your Padashow blog also. Did you see Mr.Samarajiva? You couldn’t hide the truth for too long, no? This is sad, Padashow exposing himself in a state of drunkenness.

      Take care and enjoy the holiday in India, Mr.Padashow Samarajiva !

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