The Arrest of Sarath Fonseka is Wrong


Without the slightest doubt, the popularity of Fonseka, has leaped up since his arrest. Mahinda’s is about to hit the rock bottom. The Election loser, branded a betrayer, is now a victim of king’s wrath, and will soon be a martyr, who died for the freedom of the people. Meanwhile the king has become a president for some, again, and for others, has transformed from a benevolent dictator to a cruel, merciless, and megalomaniac one… Right now, the biggest problem the government has is the four Mahanayake Theros. For the first time in recent history, all four Mahanayakes of the Tri Nikaya have come forward and severely criticised the president. This is a big blow to both the president and the government, considering their ultra nationalist, Sinhalese-Buddhist vote base. The Mahanayakas do matter… Taking this government’s ignoble history of authoritarianism into consideration, it is safe to assume that things will get ugly. They have to do something about this, this tiny little Mahanayaka problem… Now that they have come this far, on this utterly shameless path, they cannot turn back. They’ll have to execute Sarath, or to incarcerate him, with or without evidence. So they’ll ‘explain’ to the Mahanayakas, and ‘teach’ the Opposition, what the law is … So far, Fonseka doesn’t know for what he’s arrested. There is no charge sheet. Ignore the technicalities, this is still a case of using the law as a political weapon, just like they use state media as a political weapon. This is a government which forgave the terrorist murderer, the man who bombed the Dalada Maligawa, without even questioning him, and made him a parliamentarian. And yet they are trying to execute or imprison the man who defeated those murderous terrorists. Great move… If this is about HiCorp, then what about those who are responsible for 150000 million frauds exposed in the COPE report? Maybe I’m not good at maths but it looks to me that 30 million is a much smaller number than 150000 million… And if Fonseka had committed the crimes the government claims he has committed while he was in the Army, why did they offer him a Ministry? … The message the government is giving is that ‘nobody goes against the Rajapakses.’ Well, what can I say. They are our Royal Family. Dinesh Gunawardena even calls Namal ‘Sir’… The government is also sending a message to all the crooks in the country. “If you are a crook, be a Mahinda’s crook. Otherwise, be Ranil.”


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