Chinese Wankers Coming to Censor


It looks like those rumours about Chinese Wankers coming here to censor the internet are true. The Sunday Times has confirmed the rumours, and yet the government continues to deny. But then dear readers, who trusts the government? … Chinese Wankers will come, and trust me on this, they are really good at two things; censoring and masturbating (even though there are other Free Speech Chinese Wankers who whack them from behind) … We have to prepare ourselves for what’s coming. We should learn everything we can about open proxies, tunnelling proxies, data havens and so on. We should learn about their strengths and weaknesses, their risks and benefits … elgooG will be handy, since it is said that those wankers are asked to control google search results. Free-Speech Wankers in China use it to access google … TOR is fantastic. It gives you ‘almost’ complete anonymity. But it’s slow, and kind of hard to use … The Wankers will blacklist proxies and monitor the people who tap into them. Here, people can do something I do. Host your own PHP proxy using a PHP enabled free web host. Don’t give the address to anyone… The bottom line is, get ready. Don’t let the government and their beloved Chinese Wankers to screw us and our country.


5 Responses to “Chinese Wankers Coming to Censor”

  1. lefroy Says:


  2. myownopinion Says:

    Can you give us some pointers about how to host your own PHP proxy using a PHP enabled free web host? I tried to get some idea with Google searches but got nowhere.

  3. lefroy Says:

    @myownopinion… You don’t have to create your own PHP proxy. There are thousands freely available in the web… Google for free PHP proxy downloads.. Usually, you’ll be able to download a zip file. If it is a zip file, once you’ve downloaded it, unzip it using winRAR or something… Now you must have few PHP scripts that can be opened using notepad… Then, get a PHP enabled free web hosting account. Don’t give them your real name. Don’t give your real email address either. Make a new email account for this purpose alone… Then get a FTP uploading software, and upload your PHP files to your website. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to access it via web. They work much the same way like

  4. lefroy Says:

    @myownopinion.. Google this exact phrase “free PHP proxy downloads”. You’ll get many pages from where you can download PHP proxy scripts.. There are proxies written in other languages too but I like PHP. It’s a remarkable language… x10hosting is a good place to get a freely host your website. Only thing is, if you get an ad-free free account, you’ll have to login to their forum at least once in every 2 months… There are many FTP uploading softwares freely available… By the way, never open a facebook account with the email account you use to get a web hosting account.

  5. myownopinion Says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll try that.

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