Violent Protest and Government Lies


Contrary to what dishonest goverment propagandists like the Lanka Libertarian blogger sittingnut and others claim, Sarath Fonseka supporters didn’t incite violence. They were the recipients of it. All they did was reacting. It was the thugs who with UPFA Municipal Councillor Ajantha Liyanage attacked the demonstrators. The police were protecting them. That was why the Fonseka supporters damaged police vehicles, and that was why a Colombo Court severely reprimanded the police…. Anyone who read the last two posts of mine knows sittingnut got screwed by trying to put the blame on the SF supporters…… So far, violence has not been used by Fonseka supporters to free him. All they’ve done is reacting to it. Thank goodness for that. Violence should be answered with violence itself. You cannot stop violence by being peaceful, democratic, cowards. The government should know that if they use violence against the opposition, as a way to take away people’s freedom, there will be severe consequences……. As I said, so far, the SF supporters haven’t incited violence. But if the government continues to take us down the road to Iran, there will be the need to incite violence as well. As long as democracy is alive, we should use our vote to speak. But if that’s taken away from us, the only way forward is through riots and violence. What else can we do (other than praying to god and begging for foreign interference)? This is when the JVP will be important. It takes a political party with balls made of titanium to make people risk everything and work for common good…… I don’t believe the time for that has come yet, and I certainly hope that it’ll never come. We still have a bit of democracy in this country. Even though the election was corrupt, I believe Mahinda had more than fifty percent of the vote. Even though Lasantha was murdered in broad daylight, even though Poddala Jayantha’s legs were broken, even though Ekneliyagoda was abducted, and the editor of the Lanka Newspaper was imprisoned, The Sunday Leader, Irudina, and Lanka Newspapers are still running. Even though under enormous pressure, Sirasa TV is still reporting. Even though the government doesn’t give a damn to what it says, we still have a court that says the police should be ashamed of dancing to the tune of politicians…… If anyone thinks that we aren’t on our way to Iran, or Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, they are sadly mistaken. Just like Chavez, Mahinda doesn’t like Twitter. Just like the fundamentalist Ahmadinajad, Mahinda suppresses the opposition. It was he who abused state resources and power and surrounded the election office with armed forces. It is his government that tries to prevent the opposition from staging protest, saying it’ll lead to sound pollution….. But as I said, democracy is still functioning. Hope is still alive.


6 Responses to “Violent Protest and Government Lies”

  1. lefroy Says:

    As I said, the shitnut doesn’t answer. This is because he can’t answer. Also as I said, he doesn’t swear. This is because he’s a LIAR. A dishonest government propagandist.

  2. lefroy Says:

    So I censor your comments, and I don’t censor your comment in which you say that I censor you. WOW! I must be a really dumb nut to do that. Hah hah. Very intelligent ShitNut the Mahinda’s stinking fart.

  3. Ruki Says:

    So I guess it’s ok that hundreds of Tamils were killed in 1983 because “they started it” by killing 13 soldiers and the mobs were just “reacting”?

    Silly logic. Folks like you are the reason there was a war for the last 25 years.

  4. lefroy Says:

    Don’t compare this with 83. In 83 the sinhalese people were fooled by the UNP government and the people were stupid enough to get fooled. They did something totally unnecessary… I’m not suggesting to the SF supporters to go and burn the houses of UPFA supporters. I’m just saying that they should react to violence with violence. If they’re attacked by thugs, they should attack back. What else do you suggest? To Run?…. But if this goes on, violence and riots will be necessary. So far we haven’t come to that. But if Mahinda continues to go down the road to venezuela, it’ll come to that. Tell me, what would you do if all your democratic rights were taken away?

  5. lefroy Says:

    His answer to my first comment was that there is no independently verifiable evidence of physical abuse. I said in my second comment that I’m not asking him for evidence to prove that those allegations are true. I’m asking him for evidence to prove that those allegations are false. What evidence does he have to prove that Hakeem, Mano, Handunetti and Somawansha are lying. Also I asked him what does he think about the Army confiscating the camera and the reels of the AFP reporter who was there. Waiting for him to answer.

  6. moresheet Says: the cameraman of ‘Lankatruth’ was able to record in his camera a person in civilian clothes who pointed out and ordered the police to arrest persons who participated in the demonstration.

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