Dishonest Government Propagandists K T Rajasingham of Asian Tribune and Lanka Libertarian Blogger Sittingnut Get Fukked. Here’s why.


I’ll write some other time about the Free the General protest that turned violent. But attacking and exposing dumb and dishonest government propagandists is more important… On Wednesday, 10-02-2010, Mr Dumbness of Asian Tribune (also known as K T Rajasingham) wrote the stupidest article ever written in the last five years. It was titled “On My Beat: No public reaction to Fonseka’s arrest (visit’s-arrest ). Remember that the Asian Tribune is supposed to be a news website. Now read the first paragraph of this article. Mr Dumbness writes “The arrest of Sarath Fonseka on Monday late in the evening, has not clearly evinced any sympathy in the country. Asian Tribune reporters in Colombo, Jaffana and in the East inform that life is going on smoothly and the arrest of Sarath Fonseka has been considered similar to a flee being removed from the body politic of the country”….. Mr Dumbness goes on to write “There was no uprising, no agitation and no protest. That there was no reaction in the country after the arrest of Sarath Fonseka is a biggest disappointment to the Opposition leaders”…. This just shows that those dumb, dishonest and shameless government propagandists in the Asian Tribune have absolutely no idea as to what the hell is happening in this country. Maybe, by the time Mr Dumbness wrote this ridiculous “NEWS REPORT”, the protest (which turned violent) to free the general hadn’t taken place. But aren’t newsmen supposed to know things? … Mr Dumbness writes “Furthermore, it is learnt Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna is making arrangements to exploit the situation to their political program… It is learnt that they are trying bringing bus loads of people into Colombo to protest the arrest of Sarath Fonseka… Some sources in Colombo told Asian Tribune that it is very difficult to bring in people from outside to stage a protest in Colombo, as people never had any trust in Sarath Fonseka”…. So Mr Dumbness, what do you say now? Were all those people from inside Colombo? Or are they brought in buses from outside Colombo? If so, does that mean people trust in Sarath Fonseka?… The funniest part is that this guy Rajasingham thinks he’s a news reporter…… Now let me move on to my beloved friend, dishonest government propagandist, sittingnut. Today he wrote an article titled “sarath fonseka supporters incite and welcome violence” (I’m not going to link to his site since he’ll be excreting below this article right after I publish it. You can visit his site by clicking on his blog name). Sittingnut writes in response to an a comment made by an anonymous person, “i gave why i think sf supporters incited violence [instead of government thugs inciting violence by starting to attack the protestors] in post. they used false accounts of sarath fonseka’s arrest with allegations of physical abuse, parading his teary wife in front of cameras (to allege more falsehoods about lack of access to him), etc.”… When another anonymous commentor asked him “How do you support your claim that these are false allegations?” sittingnut dodged it by simply ignoring it. So far he has not answered to this question. So I ask the same question now, how does he support his claim that these are false allegations? Hakeem, Somawansha, Handunetti, and Mano Ganeshan were there. Is sittingnut one of them? I doubt it. Is sittingnut a soldier who was present there at the time of arrest? Hell no. So how does sittingnut know that these are false allegations? I’m not saying they are true allegations. I’m just asking him how does he know that they are false? Sittingnut will never answer. I also ask him why did the Army cofiscate some ‘stuff’ of the AFP reporter who was reporting there? Sittingnut will never answer. The only thing he’s good at is excreting on my blog, asking the same questions again and again, all of to which I’ve answered countless times. Of course, excreting and selling Hapic are much easier than answering to a valid question.


5 Responses to “Dishonest Government Propagandists K T Rajasingham of Asian Tribune and Lanka Libertarian Blogger Sittingnut Get Fukked. Here’s why.”

  1. takesashit Says:

    Court severely reprimands police

    shows how much the shittingnut knows.

  2. lefroy Says:

    And ShitNut is also the biggest liar of all time. He still hasn’t sworn by his mother’s name that I censored the particular comment he’s talking about.. Visit his site. See how dishonest he is.

  3. lefroy Says:

    Told ya. He will never answer

  4. lefroy Says:

    As I said, the ShitNut won’t answer. Not to me. Not to that anonymous commenter who made a comment on his blog. Swear by your mother’s womb and soul if I have censored ‘several comments’ of yours. SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR.

  5. lefroy Says:


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