Fonseka Arrest, The Country, And The Political Games


Who benefits from the Fonseka arrest? UNP and JVP can. But people tend to forget things. They have to make sure the people remember every abuse of law, every injustice, and every killing. As far as the political game is concerned, this is a blow to the government. They have opened a door for the opposition to win people’s sympathy, to rally people around them… But forget about the political game, for it’s unimportant. A government shouldn’t even make decisions in order to win the political game. They should do what’s best for the people… So what about this arrest? Is it good for the people? What it does is that it sends a message that “NOBODY GOES AGAINST THE KING”… If Fonseka kissed Mahinda’s butt, he could’ve still remained a patriot, a war hero. No matter what crimes he may have committed, he wouldn’t have been arrested, or even questioned, for this government has made it clear that the law is what the king say law is, and that its protection is given only to the ones who the king thinks deserve it. This government also has made it clear that for some, there is no law to abide by. As I’ve said earlier, this is authoritarianism at work. The rule of men instead of the rule of law… It is important to remember that the former general wasn’t arrested because of the statement he made to The Sunday Leader, or because of the threats he made to reveal the war criminals if he was taken to a court. People like Keheliya say that’s the case, but those weren’t the reasons given to Fonseka at the time he was arrested. Go to to learn about this, and the manner in which the man was arrested… The government claims that he was arrested under the 57th sentence of army law. I don’t know what this sentence is. I have the constitution with me but I don’t have the Army Law Book or whatever that is. But apparently this 57th sentence isn’t adequate to keep him in custody for months and then, perhaps, kill him. That’s probably why people like Keheliya Rambukwella, Major General Prasad Samarasinghe, and sittingnut give various other reasons to justify the “unholy”arrest… If one can’t see where the country’s heading now, that means he’s blind. But hey, long live the king. Long live the king.


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