The Government Is Going Down.


As I’ve said earlier, this government has only one way to go, down, and with the stupid arrest of Fonseka, they’ve begun this journey… Suprisingly, two bloggers who’re ardent fans of Mahinda, have shown that they still have some parts of their brains not fried. The two bloggers I’m referring to are Voice In Colombo and Stormcrow of On Politics. Unfortunately, our non-libertarian friend who calls himself the lanka libertarian, sittingnut, has chosen stay true to his master, and to continue to work as a government propagandist… Most of the UPFAers I know, don’t like what’s happening. They believe that the government shouldn’t take revenge from people. They also believe that it’s not the president who’s doing this. “It’s Gota” they say. But they also believe, if Fonseka got elected, things could’ve been worse… Malwatte Mahanayaka Thero, for the first time, strongly criticised the government today. He has criticised the government before. But today, under that admirable self-control, he was shooting down Mahinda and Co… There isn’t any of that euphoria and enthusiasm we’re used to see after elections. The country looks tired, and in places like Kandy & Colombo, it looks grim… But anyway, long live the king.


One Response to “The Government Is Going Down.”

  1. sihan Says:

    Malwatte Mahanayaka Thero will be replaced another thero soon.

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