Screw Before You Get Screwed – The Fonseka Arrest and Mahinda’s Policy.


Is Fonseka’s arrest legal? I’m no lawyer but I think it is. We know as well as Fonseka knows that he did make that stupid statement on The Sunday Leader. A lot can be said about this, but mainly it was just plain dumb. He can be rightfully punished, because this statement definitely hurt the country. Something like that coming out from an Ex-Army Commander is always going to hurt… What the government is doing is even dumber, and in the long run will hurt the country even more. What they’re saying is that “Fonseka revealed army secrets.” So what the government is saying is that “yes, we did what he said we did. But it was wrong and traitorous for him to reveal it to the public.”… I believe that when it comes to war, you have to do what you have to do, and that sometimes you should abandon code if you have to. I like what they did. People like Nadesan had it coming. But war crimes are war crimes, and it is dumb for the government to acknowledge the fact the did commit war crimes. That is exactly what they’re doing… The idea that Fonseka planned a coup is ridiculous to the point that the word ‘ridiculous’ made ridiculous. It’s only in Wimal Weerawansha’s fantasy world that people launch coups from five star hotels… But as we all know, this arrest has nothing to with Fonseka revealing war crimes, or Fonseka planning a coup. This is about taking vengeance. Fonseka went against Mahinda, and it is a crime enough to get him arrested… More importantly, this is about screwing the guy who’s going to screw you before he screws you. Mahinda sees Fonseka as a potential threat, so he’s eliminating that threat. Anyone who has a basic understanding of SL politics knows this is true… As to all people should be equal in front of the law, true, that should be the case. So why’s Mervyn Silva still at large?


2 Responses to “Screw Before You Get Screwed – The Fonseka Arrest and Mahinda’s Policy.”

  1. knights Says:

    Here’s an excerpt from Asian Tribune:
    Brigadier Wijesri, the head of the Military Police says that they have come to make a military arrest and reads out charges against him.
    The main charges are:

    • Politicking whilst in uniform

    • Conspiring against the Commander-in-Chief whilst in Service,

    • Harboring more than 1,500 deserters whilst on service,

    • And corrupt practices in relating to military procurements

    See the fourth one? We all know that is real. The other three charges are yet to be materilized, but the fact is SF has at least one misdeed against him that is true. So why would anyone object him being arrested? Army desserters are being arrested just because they have overstayed their vacation. And nobody says those arresting is wrong. But when a person who housed 1500 odd deserters get arrested, people start fussing. Get the fact up and clear, sonny. Wait for the verdict from court marshal and then blog.

    • lefroy Says:

      Who cares about what an unknown brigadier says. Gotabhaya Rajapakse clearly said to the BBC that SF divulged certain security secrets to the public. He was referring to the Sunday Leader article… My problem is not with the arrest itself. As far as I know, there’s nothing illegal about it. My problem is this. The government is using the law as a political tool. How can you explain the fact that Fonseka’s in whilst Mervyn is at large otherwise?

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