On sittingnut’s “quick note on sarath fonseka arrest”


According to sittingnut’s latest article titled “quick note on sarath fonseka arrest”, Fonseka should be arrested because of three reasons. One, he betrayed and endangered military officers. Two, he undermined and is undermining democracy. Three, he called and is calling for foreign intervention. These are the three reasons sittingnut gives us to justify Fonseka arrest…. So according to him, Mahinda should be arrested as well. First, do you remember there was a time Mahinda called for foreign intervention? I think he had every right to do so. The UNP government was gunning down Human Rights. But the point is that he called for foreign intervention… Secondly, I believe I don’t even have to waste a single keystroke to prove that Mahinda’s underming and will continue to undermine democracy… Thirdly, yes Fonseka did betray and endanger military officers. But if you say he betrayed them, you also have to accept that they did commit war crimes. So they’re war criminals. Is exposing war crimes and war criminals wrong (I mean morally)? Legally however, perhaps it is wrong. But then, law has ceased to make any sense these days. We even have a part of the constitution ripped off the constitution and used as a toilet paper… I however, believe that these soldiers shouldn’t be exposed even if they did commit war crimes, for they did what they had to do. I think that is morally wrong, but I also think it’s the sensible thing to do… Anyway, two of the three reasons sittingnut has given us to justify the arrest can be used against Mahinda Rajapakse. So why doesn’t sittingnut think that Mahinda should be arrested? Is it simply because the President cannot legally be arrested?… Once again the Nut has shown that he’s just a government propagandist.


7 Responses to “On sittingnut’s “quick note on sarath fonseka arrest””

  1. bardoflanks Says:

    This is my question to you. Do you believe that killing Prabhakaran, Nadesan and the lot in cold blood was a war crime? Do you think it’s immoral? Would you have preferred to leave him alive so as not to commit a war crime? Do you think the perpetrators of this war crime should be punished?

    • lefroy Says:

      I believe killing Prbakaran, Nadesan, and the lot in cold blood is a war crime if they were going to surrender. I think it is immoral, and I believe every killing and murder done for any reason is immoral. I wouldn’t have preferred to leave him alive. I would’ve done exactly what Gota did. I would’ve committed the war crime. Those bastards had it coming. I don’t believe the perpetrators of this war crime should be punished, or even exposed. I’ve written extensively about my views on this. But I believe Fonseka is morally correct when he’s going to expose war crimes and criminals. I prefer to be morally incorrect in order to do what’s sensible.

      • bardoflanks Says:

        The reason that he wants to “expose” them is not because of any moral compulsion. He’s on a revenge mission. He wants Gota and Mahinda to suffer.

        Killing Prabhakaran may not have been strictly legal, but it is not immoral. You need to learn what morality means.

        If I were Gota, I’d have Fonseka shot like a dog.

      • lefroy Says:

        @Bardoflanks…What’s important is not why he did it. What’s important is what he did… Also, according to which belief system that killing people is morally correct? I thought you were Buddhist.

  2. Acromantula Says:

    I guess they did commit “war crimes”. But they are not technically war crimes because we won.

    What we have to remember is No Allied soldiers or the bugger who dropped the nuclear bomb were prosecuted for war crimes in WW2. War crimes are in fact a messure taken by the winner to prosecute the loser. (There are thousands of war crimes happening in Iraq..but no1 calls them that because the Iraqians are not winning).
    No war can be fought without “crimes”

    The real betrayal is Fonseka saying he will “testify” before the International dogs to destroy the nation.

    In Short Fonseka got what’s coming to him. He started the whole process when he said “Gota Ordered them Shot”. If he ran a clean patriotic campaign the govt. wouldnt have dared to arrest him

  3. lefroy Says:

    I must stress though, I only approve this war crime. If there’re other crimes committed during the war, such as raping and so on, the perpetrators should be punished. But it should be done by us, not by outsiders.

  4. lefroy Says:

    Why should I link to your blog when I know for certain you’ll be Shitting here? And anyway, have I misrepresented anything?

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