The Elephant or The Swann – The UNP’s Choice.


The JVP wants the Swann. No wonder. There’s no way they’re going to put more than 2, 3 men into the parliament otherwise… The retired General wants the UNP to join his Swann Coalition. Obviously, there’s a chance that even he mightn’t be elected to the parliament otherwise… But the UNP isn’t going to join them. Most UNPers want the Elephant back. They think even some of the core-UNPers won’t vote for them if they go under the Swann Symbol… I don’t know about the core-UNPers, but I believe some of the people who usually vote for the UNP and yet occassionaly vote for the other parties won’t vote for the Swann. I for one won’t be voting… As I’ve said in an earlier article, there’s only one way this government can go, down, unless they do unbelievably good. When that happens, when the people get sick of the government, there should be a clear alternative for them to turn to… The Elephant is an alternative. Even if there’s no real difference between them and the UPFA, the Green Elephant Symbol itself is an alternative… The Swann Coalition is not an alternative. Perhaps if they make this coaltion, it’ll get more votes and win more seats than the UNP can win alone. But that’s not what the UNP needs now. What they have to do now, is to cure their sick elephant… That is not the only reason they should run under the Elephant. There were people who voted for the Swann simply because Fonseka was there. Most of those votes were of Sinhalese-Buddhist. But they won’t vote for the Swann this time around, simply because they won’t be directly voting for Fonseka. They won’t vote for UNPers and JVPers who pretend to be Swanns. So this idea that Fonseka will get them new votes is mostly a myth… UNP should run under the Elephant. Even if they only win 20 seats that’s fine. They attack the government for corruption and everything. More importantly they should make Sinhalese people perceive them as patriots. This can be done. If Dilan Perera can make himself a patriot, why can’t the UNPers? … Finally, it looks like Ranil will never resign. Perhaps they should abandon their plans to make him go, and start building him. Ranil should do only two things. One, he should let someone else manage the party. Two, even though he should be visible, he should stop making speeches in Sinhala.


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